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This Man Posted The Photo Of His Retired Neigbour Repairing The Roof Of His House. This Was Followed By Incredible Events

This man’s name is Richard Dubiel. He is already 75 years old, but he still tries to have a full life and take care of this house.

Recently, the roof of Richard’s house started to leak. However, the old man did not seek the help of other people and began to replace shingles on the roof on his own.

Three months the old man was getting up to the roof of his house, trying to make repairs on his own. The incredible enthusiasm of Richard doing his work was noticed by his neighbor, David. This man decided to help the old man. He took a picture of Richard and posted it to a social network, asking experienced roofers to help this man.

This post was shared by more than a thousand people. Soon collected for the roof repair were collected as well as a team of volunteers who agreed to assist Richard for free was gathered.

Early in the morning on Saturday afternoon several cars equipped with ladders for roofing pulled up to Richard’s house. By noon the work was completely finished.

However, they asked the owner of the house to put the last shingle on the roof! He was helped to get up onto the roof and personally finish the repair!

Richard Dubiel was pleasantly surprised by this unusual gift! The old man heartily thanked the volunteers, saying that they returned to him faith in humanity!

These people did not commit a heroic act, they just dedicate a little of their money and time to help a total stranger. However, this act inspired thousands of people around the world to commit more of such deeds!

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