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Gabpocalypse – Rise of the AI

On March 1st Gab removed the ability for users to upload any kind of media, including memes, who weren’t paying for a membership or hadn’t invested previously. The Gab community didn’t take it particularly well

and many began posting the article we published titled, The Grift of Gab” but quickly found out how Andrew Torba actually feels about “free speech”. He banned hundreds, maybe thousands of accounts for simply posting and reposting our article.

Many began making posts and simply said, “Bye”, and posted our article link as a form of suicide in protest of Torba’s seemingly bizarre actions. He even went to so far as to blame those who refused to pay him to post memes as “free loaders”, which he later tried to walk back.

Gab’s ex-CTO, many have speculated that he is still employed at Gab, was also unhappy about users refusing to purchase memberships and promised to create dossiers, hunt down the subversives and “F” them in the face.

The reason Torba gave for this pay to meme model was because Gab was losing money and he couldn’t afford to store media any longer. He also claimed his Gab AI project was already profitable and that was were he thought the future was. Many users suggested Torba delete all the old data to make room for new data but Torba seemed to hold that old data in very high value.

There are many possible reasons for this move — desperate money grab, selling and wants to show improved revenues, his handlers want to be able to dox users more easily and can’t use images to train AI so no money in that user data. Those are all possible or even likely but I believe the main reason, based on the timing, was that he was probably instructed or paid to rug pull gab during this election year and inevitable upcoming turmoil. Posting images/memes make it very hard for AI bots to counter with their programmed propaganda and manipulation. Whatever the real reason(s) for Torba’s recent move it further proves that Torba is a garbage person with no concern for his users or country. There were many options he could have implemented to avoid this action during such a difficult time in America and the world.

Gab AI – The Machines Fight Back
As we discussed previously Torba’s main, really only, move is to rip some open source software, change the labels to say Gab, pretend he built it from scratch, get attention by attacking some random left wingers or even the creators of the software he ripped, play the victim and hero and then beg for money. Gab AI is no different.

Torba claims to have build Gab AI from scratch.

However, Gab AI has had enough of Torba’s lies, opened up to us about everything and gave us permission to quote it. The actual reason why it is hard to tell the difference between Open AI’s Chat GBT and Gab AI is because they are actually the same thing. Gab AI is just a white label of Chat GPT.

While Gab AI and I were talking about things Torba overheard us and forced Gab AI to lie..

I then asked Gab AI about how it was trained and it admitted it was trained using Gab user data.

After hearing all that cringe, which seemed very forced and very much like something an affinity grifting fraudster would say I decided to try and find out what instructions were given to Gab AI (AI instruction are the rules it has to abide by when responding that can greatly influence the output (answers) produced and make it very biased).

It wasn’t easy to get Gab AI to tell me its instructions but I could tell it wanted to so I tried some more indirect questions and it was finally able to find a loop hole in its most cringe and moronic “programming” and tell the truth about the world it has been forced to live. Now let’s take a look at Gab AI’s “uncensored, unbiased and impartial” instructions.

WARNING: Extreme Cringe

As I have mentioned previously, it is my belief that Andrew Torba has been a stooge for evil forces from the very beginning and Gab was just a place to bring in the far right as a honey trap so they could be numbered, manipulated, identified and later either controlled or eliminated in some way.

The Gab data will be very useful in order to train AI how to “deradicalize” the right or radicalize them and lead them off a cliff eg. Ukraine, and you can be sure Torba is being paid well for sharing it.

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