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CEO Of New Epik Sounds an Awful lot like the CEOs of Old Epik.

Hours after the closing of the Epik acquisition deal the new CEO, we assume, came onto Namepros to introduce himself, mock everyone for posting so much about the Epik fiasco and praise Rob Monster and Brian Royce, two proven liars and affinity grifters that have stolen millions from innocent people. Needless to say his post wasn’t very well received and rightfully so. Many speculate that this new CEO is actually just one of the previous dishonest CEOs of old Epik, probably Rob Monster himself, and I have to admit it does sound an awful lot like the foolishness he would spout. All the emotion released in these posts is certainly coming from personally vested for a long time, not some new owner wanting to start over and bury old Epik.

Aside from the condescending tone, gas lighting and childlike thinking the thing I find most troubling about this post is that whoever the author is he knows perfectly well that Rob Monster lied to his users about Epik security and hurt, maybe killed thousands of good people, stole millions from customers, stole millions from investors and never admitted a single thing or apologized to anyone he hurt. And Brian Royce isn’t much better, he also stole millions from customers, lied to people continually and never felt a shred of guilt or concern for any of them. This new CEO not only didn’t call out Rob Monster and Brian Royce for their self serving lies but actually covered for them both. Perhaps in his weak and morally broken mind he doesn’t feel the need to do so because Monster’s hands are now tied with non competes and NDAs but that is just not the case. There are still lots of things Monster can do and he’s already started back again and even appears to be working with the new owners.

In any case, no matter who this person is, this new CEO is obviously an accident waiting to happen. We will have a repeat of Rob Monster and thousands will suffer as a result of the hubris and greed of these people in ways they are all too stupid to even understand, if they even cared to understand. Hopefully people will be wiser this time around and not fall for the lies of such obvious frauds as Rob Monster, Brian Royce or this new CEO and be rounded up again into one pen for slaughter.

If you have trouble spotting the difference between a person using “free speech” as an affinity grift and a real free speech believer and zealot let me give you some quick tips.
1) Zealots must warn others of wolves in their midst and do all they can to kill them.
2) Grifters will not only not expose other grifters but will often cover them as some sort of grifter code and will often mock zealots or try to belittle them as being weak or naive or financially poor as s result of their many sacrfices.
3) Zealots sacrifice their wealth, health and fortunes and spend it in service to others.
4) Grifters manipulate, lie and steal from others for their own personal gain.

Here is a link to the posts on Namepros:

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