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This Is Deadly Serious!

If people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, not to mention the rest of the Bill of Rights, do not wake up—and I mean NOW—to the fact that the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. (including Donald Trump), doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about their constitutional liberties, those liberties are going to be G-O-N-E, GONE! And I mean SOON!

That’s the problem when Republicans control the White House and Congress: The good people of America who would normally resist efforts from Washington to trample their constitutional liberties go dormant—which is where most of them seem to be right now.

Not since the British Crown sent troops to Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, to confiscate the firearms of the colonists has the central government in America attempted to pass laws to confiscate the firearms of innocent Americans—people who have NOT been accused of a crime, charged with a crime or people who have not even threatened to commit a crime.

We are not talking about gun control. We are talking about GUN CONFISCATION.

And who are the ones leading the charge to confiscate our guns? Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham—all Republicans.

This report nails it:

It’s been said quite often that Republicans are the “Stupid Party.”

Well, the party of stupid has struck again, and “Exhibit A” is the Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee — Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Based on what Graham is doing, one would think he’s planning to forfeit control of the Senate to the Democrats and to lose the White House in 2020. Because he is holding a hearing to promote the nastiest form of Bloomberg-sponsored gun control.

As it turns out, Graham and his new “best buddy,” anti-gun zealot Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), are scheduling a hearing on Gun Confiscation Orders — sugar-coated as “red-flag laws” — on March 26 of this [year].

Gun Confiscation “red-flag” Orders were drafted and are being promoted nationally by Leftist anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg [and introduced in the U.S. Senate by Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio].

They would allow an angry relative or the police to make a telephone call to a judge. And, based on that telephone call, the judge can issue an order stripping you of your Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights — all without your knowledge.

The first thing you would learn about it is when the SWAT Team arrived at your door in the middle of the night — ready to ransack your home and, if you resisted, to arrest or shoot you.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Gun Confiscation Orders would not have stopped ANY mass shooting in American history — and they do NOTHING to reduce homicides, suicides, crime, or mass shootings.

Gun Confiscation “red-flag” laws have been proven to be ineffective:

  • They were in effect in Connecticut at the time of the Newtown shooting in 2012.
  • They had long been in effect in California during the Thousand Oaks massacre last year.
  • And they were in effect in Illinois during the Aurora shooting earlier this year.
  • In fact, criminologist John Lott has conducted the definitive study of Gun Confiscation Orders.

He found that red flag laws have been an utter failure when it comes to lowering crime rates:

  • They do not reduce homicides;
  • They do not reduce suicides;
  • They do not reduce mass shootings;
  • They do not reduce crime of any kind; and
  • They may even INCREASE the incidence of rape.

Senator Graham told CNN: “This [gun confiscation] is to me the area where we [Republicans and Democrats] can come together.”

And, as you know (and if you don’t, it’s because you don’t want to know), President Trump has made it crystal clear that he wants the government to enact these “red flag” gun confiscation laws as soon as possible. And don’t forget that Trump has appointed—and the GOP Senate has confirmed—one of the most disgusting swamp creatures in the world, William Barr, as America’s attorney general.

William Barr is one of the biggest proponents of “red flag” gun confiscation laws in the country. During his confirmation hearings, Barr told Senator Dianne Feinstein that implementing “red flag” gun confiscation laws is the “single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area.” This is the man who will enthusiastically oversee and enforce gun confiscation in America. Donald Trump appointed—and the GOP Senate confirmed—a tyrannical monster as America’s attorney general.

On January 31 of this year, I published an open letter to our legislators, judges and lawmen regarding the egregious unconstitutionality of “red flag” gun confiscation laws and the dangerous ramifications that will result should these laws pass nationwide. I urge folks to read this open letter. And feel free to copy and share the letter with everyone you can as fast as you can.

You and I both know that a “red flag” gun confiscation law would not have a prayer of passing if a Democrat was in the White House, because millions of rank-and-file Republicans, Christians and conservatives would scream their opposition. But with a Republican in the White House and Republicans in charge of the Senate, the vast majority of our good freedom-oriented folks are sound asleep. Even their trusted NRA (which is nothing more than controlled opposition) is backing the passage of these “red flag” gun confiscation laws, thus providing cover for Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump to push these laws down the throats of the American people and still tell everybody that they are “for” the Second Amendment.

I am telling you, folks, if we do not bombard our U.S. senators with opposition to this proposed national “red flag” gun confiscation bill—and I mean SO LOUDLY that they cannot ignore us—gun confiscation will soon begin in earnest nationwide. And hear me when I say, not a single gun owner (and that means YOU) will be immune or protected against becoming a victim of this ultimate form of government tyranny.

I, again, urge you to read my open letter to our legislators, judges and lawmen. And, by all means, feel free to copy and share that letter as far and wide as possible.

And for our Christian friends, I have produced The Second Amendment Package that consists of the book I co-authored with my constitutional attorney son entitled To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns and two DVD messages. The first is titled The Attack Against Our Guns And The Duty Of Christians To Repel The Attack. The second is called A Biblical Portrait Of The Righteousness And Requirement Of Bearing Arms.

This package containing the book and two DVD messages is being offered at a HUGE DISCOUNT. I do not know of another package anywhere else that contains the scriptural principles regarding the right to keep and bear arms that are contained in this package. So many pastors and churches are utterly indifferent to the Biblical requirement of being armed. And, as you know, many of them are downright sympathetic to the forces of tyrannical government that want to strip us of these God-given Natural rights.

Order The Second Amendment Package for as many of your friends as you can. And, please, read my open letter to our legislators, judges and lawmen and distribute “to infinity and beyond.”

I’m telling you, if we continue to keep our heads in the sand and believe that Donald Trump and the Republicans in the U.S. Senate are going to protect our right to keep and bear arms without a HUGE protest from the American people against this national “red flag” gun confiscation bill, we will be forced to awaken when the SWAT teams bang on our doors at 5am to confiscate our guns. And if you think it cannot happen to you, you are dumber than a box of rocks.

This is deadly serious, folks! And we need to treat it as such and act accordingly. And I mean NOW!

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