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The Woman Went Into The Apartment Of Her Neighbor. What She Saw There Horrified Her

Lucy Eishen is a 39-year-old mother of three children from London. For 21 years Lucy has been living next door to an elderly woman who does not have any relatives or friends.

The old woman lives a secluded life. Lucy tried several times to visit her neighbor, but she did not dare to let her into her apartment. When Lucy finally managed to get into that lady’s apartment, she was shocked by the state and conditions of that place.  Lucy was determined to clean her neighbor’s apartment.

Lucy made a post about the elderly woman on Facebook with the hope to find some people willing to help the retired woman.

The woman described in a post inhuman conditions in which the lonely feeble old woman is forced to live.

Lucy spent 60 hours cleaning the appartmnet of her neighbor. All this time, her daughter Ruby was talking with the elderly woman that made her very happy.

With the permission of the lady, Lusia threw out all the excess from the apartment.

It turned out that the elderly woman does not move well, so she did not take a shower for 13 years. Upon learning of this, Lucy washed the woman, and Ruby combed her hair.

Lucy also fixed a TV that had not worked for four years.

Lucy’s post on the Internet brought its results. A lot of people were ready to help bringing clothing, furniture and products to the lady. And the dwelling of the old woman became like a real house.

Lucy is not surprised herself that so many people responded to her post, because this story leaves no one indifferent. And most importantly no one knows what expects them in the old age. In the place of this woman could be your mother or you.

Photo of the bedroom before cleaning.

Photo of the bedroom after cleaning and improvement.

Kitchen before cleaning.

Kitchen after cleaning.

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