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Neocons, Puppet Masters, Ron Paul And Freedom Documents

Neocons are America’s biggest threat. Neolibs are partners in crime with Neocons but are inferior in power and influence. Neocons have been in control of Washington, D.C., since the administration of G.H.W. Bush—and they are still in control today, a Trump presidency notwithstanding.

Republicans and Democrats always seem to be fighting each other, and on many issues these fights are genuine. But always remember that these fights mostly concern two things: 1) obtaining or securing their own political power inside the Beltway and 2) keeping their constituents happy enough so as to be re-elected. But at the end of the day—after all of the political fighting—both sides frequent the same bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, cocktail parties, lavish “fact-finding” trips and vacations, backroom fundraisers, etc. Many of them even share the same mistresses (or whatever you call the male equivalents).

People need to awaken to the reality that the globalist puppet masters running D.C. do not care about most of the things that the American people (conservatives or liberals, Republicans or Democrats) care about. Therefore, all of the political squabbling between political parties is of absolutely no concern to the puppet masters. As long as Neocons run the elephants and the Neolibs run the donkeys, the puppet masters get their way.

Here are the priorities that the puppet masters care about—and these are the things that both the Neocons in the Republican Party and the Neolibs in the Democrat Party will make sure to deliver for them:

*Promoting, protecting and expanding the Warfare State

*Promoting, protecting and expanding the Police State

*Promoting, protecting and expanding the State of Israel

*Promoting, protecting and expanding the Federal Reserve

This is why no matter who is elected to federal office (conservatives or liberals, Republicans or Democrats) nothing changes the course of these priorities. With very few exceptions, you will not hear a president, congressman or senator of either party daring to criticize or even question any of the above agendas.

Ron Paul was about the only one in Washington, D.C., to publicly resist the priorities of the puppet masters. And the puppet masters made sure that the rest of D.C. knew it was their job to isolate and marginalize Dr. Paul so as to make him look like a lone, rogue “kook”—which is exactly what they did. Rand Paul and a few others will occasionally challenge the priorities of the puppet masters (except NO ONE touches Israel), but they are much more reserved and timid about doing so than was Ron. Rand is the best we have in the Senate, and Thomas Massie is the best we have in the House. And both of them put together do not equal the resistance Ron Paul brought to D.C.

Until the politicians in federal office demonstrate constitutional sagacity and personal courage to tackle the above issues, you can KNOW that they are absolutely controlled by the puppet masters—no matter what side of the political aisle they are on.

And let me remind readers that we are now shipping THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. This is a very limited Independence Day printing.

We began offering THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS nearly 20 years ago. And now, for the very first time, we have expanded THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, which includes the addition of 13 brand new documents—along with the expansion of several existing documents (and also including a brand new beautiful front cover)—bringing the total number of full-size pages to 212. That’s over 40 pages more than the original FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

I am truly excited about this brand new and expanded edition of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. The documents we have added make this volume a perfect compilation of the most important documents of liberty and constitutional government ever produced.

The new and expanded FREEDOM DOCUMENTS also includes many new introductions. The introductions by themselves are a great history lesson. And THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS is still assembled with a ring spine for easy copying.

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