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“I’m Looking For A Fishing Friend.” The Announcement Of This Lonely Retired Man From Australia Has Touched The Hearts Of Internet Users

Ray Johnstone is a 75-year-old resident of Australia. At the end of January 2017 the retired man posted an unusual announcement on the forum.

An elderly man told that two tragic events have recently occurred in his life: Ray lost his best friend with who he used tho fish and also his beloved wife. The retired man felt very lonely and he was in a desperate need of a man with whom he could go fishing Ray attached several photos to his post.

The announcement of this elderly man was viewed more than 116,000 times.

A few days later Ray Johnson  already met with the person who responded to the announcement. It was 22-year-old Mati Betsinilas. The young man paid the retired man for a long flight of 1600 kilometers to Brisbane, where they met and went fishing on a boat.  The fishing friends spent two days  together, they even managed to catch an 80-centimeter fish. Ray Johnsonos liked this little trip very much, he was glad that he managed to spend some time outside.

Ray Johnstone admitted that the announcement on the Internet is not his first attempt to find a fishing friend. Once the man left a leaflet with a similar text in the shop window of a local store, but no one called him back. The post on the forum was his last hope.

However, the message of the elderly man touched the hearts of people so much that Ray Johnstone still continues to receive calls from those who wish to go fishing with him.

Twitter users launched the #illfishwithray hash (I’ll go fishing with Ray) to support the elderly man and help him find a friend for fishing.

After learning about the difficult situation of Ray Johnstone, owners of the fishing accessories store made him a gift – they sent him an expensive equipment.

Thank God that in our world there are many people who do not remain indifferent to the problems of the elderly.

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