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Every Morning This Dog Pushes The Wheelchair Of Its Disabled Owner To The Market. A Story Of Canine Devotion

Manao is a 59-year-old resident of the village of Mago, located near the town of Luyang, China. In the childhood Manao got sick with polio, so now he can not move independently.

Manao have no money to buy a real wheelchair. He designed a two-wheeled cart to get himself to work. For 40 years Manao has been owning a small business repairing shoes.

Recently Manao’s kiosk became a special place known to every resident of the village. The reason for such popularity was the dog of the business owner.

Manao’s dog is a two-year mongrel. Manao did not give the dog a specific name, so everybody call it the Big Yellow Dog.

Every morning the four-legged friend helps its owner to get to his workplace pushing up his wheel-chair, in the literal sense.

The dog never got trained as a service dog, but, having learned the way from home to the market, it helps the owner to overcome difficulties of rising up on the hill.

The Manao’s small business brings a modest income, which is hardly enough to feed the man. The Big Yellow Dog also does not loose his time when his owner is working. It goes to a local restaurant to get some treats over there.

Manao loves his dog very much. According to him, The Big Yellow Dog is like a friend, nurse and business assistant for him.

Recently, one man wanted to buy the Big Yellow Dog and offered Manao 500 yuan for it. For Manao it is a a lot of money, but he refused to sell the dog, saying that his friends are not for sale!

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