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What Goes Around Comes Around

The Democrats wasted President Trump’s first term with contrived investigations of Trump and General Flynn.  The Russiagate hoax resulted in illegitimate indictments of Republican consultants Paul Manafort and Roger Stone as the questionable charges against them were unrelated to Robert Mueller’s Russiagate investigation and exceeded the scope of his mandate. The charges were brought in order to coerce them into giving false testimony against Trump.  The arm-twisting failed, but both were convicted in the media and had their old age ruined by the corrupt Muller’s effort to frame the President of the United States.

Mueller, Comey, Strzok, Obama himself and the rest of Obama’s corrupt crew have so far escaped accountability for their illegal actions, abuse of power, and treasonous attempt to drive President Trump from office.  Lately, however, the normally pusillanimous Republicans found a bit of testosterone and are looking into the Democrats misuse of congressional power and their abuse of the power of the FBI and Department of Justice to cripple the Trump administration. 

The hypocritical Democrats, having spent three years contriving political fodder against President Trump and his associates are now complaining that the Republicans are doing the same thing to them.

In fact, the Republicans are not doing the same thing that the Democrats did.  The Democrats made things up, lied,  broke law and violated procedures in an effort to frame-up the President of the United States.  The Democrats’ investigations were never able to produce a scrap of evidence.  

In contrast, the Republicans are investigating known breaches of law and procedure.  Indeed, enough facts are already known and established to bring indictments, but there are no indictments, just ongoing investigations that seem never to conclude.  The Republicans lack decisiveness. Their inability to act in self-defense and in defense of the rule of law has convinced many that no indictments will ever be brought. Republicans are simply incapable of fighting a fight that discredits the US government in which they believe. They prefer to protect the US government’s reputation to their own, and they value the government’s reputation above the rule of law.

The presstitutes, of course, are screaming that the investigations of Obama officials are controversial, political and an abuse of power. The presstitutes gave full credence to the false accusation that Trump demanded a quid pro quo from the Ukrainian president in exchange for US aid, but the quid pro quo that Biden in fact did demand— — from the Ukrainian president is dismissed by presstitutes as “a discredited narrative.”  Yet Biden himself bragged before the Council on Foreign Relations that he gave the Ukrainian president 6 hours to do as he was told or forgo US aid.

The Democrats with the help of the whores that comprise the US media are demanding that the Republicans deal with the coronavirus and stop engaging in cheap political tricks against Democrats.  “We should be dealing with the COVID crisis,” wails Senator Gary Peters (D, MI), not with Obama regime criminality.

The presstitutes are in agreement.  The presstitutes are unanimous that by investigating Obama officials, Republicans are responsible for a flair up in tensions.  We didn’t hear this criticism of Democrats when their investigations of Republicans caused tensions to flair.  The Democrats were so confident that with the media in their pocket they would succeed. They forgot that “what goes around comes around.”

The presstitutes are so thoroughly partisan, so protective of Democrats, and so accusatory toward Republicans that none of their reporting can be trusted.  President Trump is right that their news is fake news.

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