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The Fragility of Freedom in the Free World

Dear Readers,

December brings my quarterly request that you show me with donations that my work is worth the effort I make in your behalf.  Your support is the only measure I have of the worth of my use of my time and effort in behalf of truth.

2021 has been the year in which the fragility of freedom in the Free World was revealed.  Throughout the Western World executive branch officials devoid of law-making authority have issued “mandates” depriving entire populations of jobs, incomes, freedom of movement, freedom of association even with family, and freedom from medical coercion.  Even private employers have assumed the law-making role by requiring their work forces to accept injection with a dangerous “vaccine” that, according to the adverse vaccine reaction databases of the US, UK, and EU, have sickened and killed as many or more people than Covid itself.

The “vaccine” has proven to be ineffective in preventing infection with Covid, ineffective in preventing the spread of infection, but very effective in causing serious side effects, in damaging the innate immune system, thus making vaccinated people more susceptible to illnesses and diseases, and in making vaccinated people with Covid the main spreaders of the virus.  

In order to rush the “vaccine” into emergency and untested approval, known cures for Covid were prevented from use, with the consequence that most who died from Covid did so from lack of treatment.

Despite the complete failure of the vaccine to protect against Covid and to control the spread of infection, everywhere in the Free Western World political leaders and medical establishments have declared the life-threatening vaccines to be “life-saving vaccines.” The only problem, claim officials, is that the vaccines  “are not being used adequately everywhere.”  The violation of the Nuremberg Laws by mandatory vaccination has been redefined as an “act of national solidarity.”  The German doctors tried for crimes against humanity after WW II did not know of this escape clause.

Information from every country shows that hospitalizations and deaths rise with vaccination.  The majority of people in hospitals and the majority of people dying are vaccinated people.  The only safe people appear to be the unvaccinated.  Yet the unvaccinated are targeted for house arrest, prison, and concentration camps.


The discredited German Chancellor Merkel as she leaves office said Germany will lock down unvaccinated people for being unvaccinated, infected or not.  No other reason needed. As far as Merkel is concerned, no other reason is required to deprive Germans of liberty. The people who are the most well and the least likely to spread infection are the ones Merkel  has targeted.  German officials said they intend to go further and announced their plans to impose mandatory vaccination on all Germans in the coming months.  It is Dr. Mengele all over again.

Merkel made it clear that there will be no end to vaccination. Every nine months another vaccination is required as vaccination status expires. In the US Fauci says another jab every six months. In other words, Big Pharma profits forever. How large of a kickback does Merkel get for mandating a failed “vaccine” that kills people?

The question is:  vaccination with what vaccine?  Big Pharma itself says its vaccines are not effective against the growing number of variants–Delta, Omicron–that are spawned by the Covid vaccine.   So we are fated for an endless number of new untested vaccines to “protect” us against variants of extremely low mortality.

Why are Germany, Austria, Italy, and Australia forcing people to be shot up with a “vaccine” that even  Big Pharma says is ineffective against the latest versions of Covid?

Do not expect anything that politicians  and medical establishments in the “Free West” say to make any sense.  Sense is no longer part of the equation.  The Free Western World has chosen a senseless existence.  Other than Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, where are Western leaders standing up for freedom?

In Nazi Austria the chancellor, who has resigned, issued a mandate that everyone submit to vaccination or go to prison.  Are Austrian chancellors dictators who can issue non-legislated laws that imprison people?  If so how does Austria today differ from Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia? Is anyone paying attention to the legal validity of the mandates, or are all so well herded by orchestrated fear that freedom no longer matters? Whether Goring said it or not–never trust fact-checkers, essentially hired liars–the only thing government needs to turn people into slaves is fear.  And we have had triple doses of fear from politicians, the whore media, and the utterly  corrupt Big Pharma medical establishment.

Is the issue of illegal mandates everywhere in the “Free West” a sign that dictatorship has prevailed over democracy?  Why hasn’t this critical question been raised by the Western media, by bar associations, and by Western parliaments who should be protective of their law-making powers? Are there any political leaders in the West who still believe in free societies? Who are they?

The answer is that facts no longer matter in the Western World, and all values have been repudiated as racist and misogynist.  Truth of any sort is inconvenient to the ruling interest groups that  comprise the elite.  Truth is what serves their interest.  This is why Big Pharma and its medical henchmen are hunting down real doctors who try to serve the health of the people instead of Big Pharma’s profits and making examples of them by demonizing them and having them removed from their positions. Doctors are supposed to help Big Pharma’s profits, not the health of their patients.

The same thing is happening to those of us who try to bring truth to the people.  Try to count all the truth-tellers who are denied platforms on social media and who are sanctioned in various ways for challenging the narrative.  Wherever you look in the “Free Western World” truth is classified as a conspiracy theory, and truth-tellers have been reclassified as “conspiracy theorists.”

To understand the extent of the insanity that has overcome the Western World have a look at Scotland.  Scotland the Brave, the Scottish Warrior, where are they? Nowhere to be found.  You probably won’t believe this, the Scottish Government requires all schools to leave windows open in cold winter in an attempt to stop the transmission of Covid. This has led to teachers and pupils sitting in freezing classrooms and needing to wear winter coats to stay warm. 

It is OK with Scottish authorities if kids die of pneumonia just as long as they don’t catch Covid which has a record of near zero mortality for children.

Independent scientists not beholden to Fauci’s NIH grants and Big Pharma grants have called for a halt to the vaccinations, which they have proved are doing more harm than good.  

The response of authorities to these truth-presenters is to declare them to be “domestic terrorists” for warning people against ineffective and dangerous vaccination. It is these alleged “domestic terrorists” who are science-based, not the profit and control seekers who use corrupt presstitutes to demonize them.

Those of us who tell you the truth have come to the attention of the  FBI. Are we being monitored?  Is a case  being prepared against us for speaking truth to the narrative. Freedom is so devalued in the “Free World” today that these are valid questions.  When Trump supporters cannot even attend a rally without being arrested for “insurrection,” truth-tellers who threaten the narrative cannot expect to walk free.

Wherever you look in the “Free Western World,” truth is unwelcome. People pay a price for telling the truth.  Liars are celebrated.  It is in my interest to shut up and go away.  I am old and will not have to live a life under the totalitarian regimes that are being constructed in the “Free  World.”  

The youth will not realize what is happening, as they have no experience of the past. The only past they will know is the one reconstructed for them, a past reconstructed to alienate them from their culture, their history, and their race.  As George Orwell wrote: “Who controls the past controls the future.” The New York Times’ 1619 Project controls our past.  This means there is no good future for white Americans.

My task, as I see it, is to help you see the truth, not the reconstructed self-serving version that gives elites domination over you.

According to Word Press, this website has 7,500,000 visits annually by readers in 109 countries, yet it is dependent on a tiny fraction of one percent who are monthly donors.  So few care whether they do or do not have accurate information.

It cost readers nothing to read, other than their time, but the time it takes for me to research and write what you conveniently read is vast, and I wonder if the authorities are  more attentive to what I write than are my readers.

I have supplied you with the best available information about Covid and the “vaccine”, and I have told you the truth.  I read the independent scientific articles with the help of virologists and medical researchers whom I know.

I have warned you about the destruction of Western culture and the hostility toward honor, achievement, integrity, and white people  that characterizes the essence of the replacement culture.

I have warned about Washington’s hubris that is pushing both Russia and China to prepare for war with a second-rate military power that thinks it is invincible. 

The Big Question before us is: Who destroyed the humanity and common sense of the world’s preeminent country, the United States of America?

Why is US foreign policy based on threats and coercion?

Why are free American citizens considered to be in the way of US interests and declared  by their own “democratic” government to be “domestic terrorists”?  How did the government and not the people become the boss?

Why is Covid policy unrelated to facts and public health?

Why does Washington expect the rest of the world to defer to Washington?

Truth is hard to find. I ask the right questions and give truthful answers.  Support this website.

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