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Seattle Mayor confirms that CHAZ became a hotbed of rape, assault, murder, drug use, gang activity, shootings and vandalism… we will sure miss CHAZ

Sadly, CHAZ / CHOP has now been shut down by Seattle police, after three weeks of shootings, murder, rape, violence, left-wing nut bags sh#tting in the streets, and the left-wing media celebrating the whole thing as a “utopia” run by libtard socialist lunatics who all belong in a mental asylum where Joe Biden is the demented director.

Oh, and let’s not forget the pure comedy of CHAZ “gardening” efforts, which mainly consisted of throwing cardboard on the ground, covering it with dirt, then buying small plants from Home Depot and scattering them around the dirt in the hopes that “magic” would take over and produce food.

You gotta love the CHAZ morons who don’t know how to produce anything other than hate, violence and destruction. This is what the entire country will be turned into if Joe Biden wins the coming election, by the way.

CHAZ, we will dearly miss you.

There’s just so much wholesome goodness to miss! Take a look at the cleanup effort from earlier today:

We will miss watching the left-wing media desperately trying to label CHAZ terrorists “peaceful” as they walk around with AK-47s and open fire on innocent young men in vehicles. Just yesterday, CHAZ “security” forces managed to shoot and kill a young black man in a vehicle. It turns out black lives really don’t matter much at all to Black Lives Matter terrorists. What matters to them is black supremacy.

Here’s a video of “Raz” the CHAZ warlord handing out “assault rifles” to various youth while supposed anti-gun Democrats cheered:

We’re also going to miss all the incredible video footage coming out of CHAZ, showcasing fine art and CHAZ culture (i.e. graffiti) as well as socialist housing (shantytown tent slums). It’s all captured in this CHAZ tourism video:

Personally, I’m going to miss seeing all the news reports of how the moment CHAZ morons decided to set up a “police-free zone,” CHAZ terrorists started shooting each other. So much gunfire it almost sounds like Ilhan Omar’s Somalian wedding celebration when she married her own brother to commit immigration fraud against the United States. That was one heck of an incest celebration!

Sadly, with CHAZ shut down, we won’t get to see any more videos like this one that reveals how armed Black Lives Matter thugs were going door to door, raping men in front of their wives and children as a demonstration of “black power” against Whites, all completely covered up by the left-wing media, of course: (this activity has now been confirmed by the Mayor herself, see below…)

All this rape, assault and murder, by the way, has now been confirmed by Mayor Jenny “Dirt road” Durkan who issued an execute order to clear the zone and restore law and order to Seattle. (Only after her own home was targeted by protesters, by the way.) As reported by

Durkan’s executive order cites several gun violence incidents — two of which resulted in the loss of life —  hostile crowds, the inability of emergency personnel to move quickly and efficiently in the area due to the barriers, narcotics use and violent crime — including rape, robbery, and assault — increased gang activity, business harassment, noise disturbances, property damage, open fires, and ongoing violations of the Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Code of Conduct.

The order adds: In addition, SPD has received numerous reports of narcotics use and violent crime including rape, robbery , assault, and increased gang activity. An increase of 525%, 22 additional incidents, in person-related crime in the area, to include two additional homicides, 6 additional robberies, and 16 additional aggravated assaults (to include 2 additional non-fatal shootings) between June 2nd and June 30th 2020, compared to the same period of time in 2019.

Remember, this is what the left-wing media — CNN, NYT, WashPost, MSNBC, etc. — calls “peaceful protest.” They even said CHAZ was like a “block party” of joy and love. Remember this when the Left claims they their violence is “peace,” but your speech is “hate.”

When a Democrat says they’re having a “block party,” they really mean they’re raping somebody and you can’t block them since the police have been ordered to stand down.

Here’s the executive order from Mayor Dirt Road Durkin, confirming all the rape and violence carried out by Black Lives Matter:

With CHAZ shut down, where will demonic Leftists go to sodomize children in a police-free zone? Don’t worry, they still have Hollywood for that, and they aren’t running out of children any time soon since Child Protective Services keeps providing fresh meat nationwide.

CHAZ closed down only because it was showcasing the violence and lawlessness of Black Lives Matter terrorists

Truth be told, the only reason the Dummo-crat Mayor Dirt Road Durkin finally decided to shut down CHAZ was because it was becoming an obscene embarrassment to the Black Lives Matter political movement. With all the rapings, lootings, shootings, murder and arson on display nearly every day, CHAZ wasn’t exactly a beaming example of paradise under left-wing rule. Rather, it became nothing less than a hellish war zone, as described by one of the volunteer medics who responded to one of the shootings there yesterday:

And so when I arrived up there, I see the guy that got shot in the head and I started doing, you know, medical work on him. The guy that I’m working on got shot in the face twice — once in temple, once in the jaw. Probably four or five times in the arm and then once on the side.”

This victim — a young black American — was shot multiple times by a CHAZ “security” goon, in case you were wondering… not by some “white supremacist” or a Trump supporter. Nope. He was shot by Black Lives Matter terrorists.

And yes, this is all taking place while Black Lives Matter is purchasing heavy weapons using corporate donations from hundreds of U.S. corporations that are trying to virtue signal their support of BLM by financially supporting domestic terrorism and gun violence.

All your favorite corporations seem to openly support BLM rape, murder, arson, assault and gun violence… not a single prominent corporation has spoken against BLM

Never forget that Home Depot, McDonald’s, Verizon, Google, Fedex, Bayer, Target and hundreds of other corporations appear to openly support all this. Not one of those corporations has condemned the rape, sodomy, murder, arson or gun violence that now characterizes Black Lives Matter. If you ever wondered whether McDonald’s supports “black power” raping of white men in front of their wives, now you have your answer. You want some fries with that rape?

That’s corporate America in 2020: A giant, throbbing “f#ck you” to America and the rule of law. Now buy our greasy hamburgers, you stupid consumers. That should be the McDonald’s slogan for 2020. Maybe soon they’ll pledge to donate 50 cents from every large fries purchase to acquiring AK-47s for the next CHAZ attempt. “Golden Fries for Black LIES.”

Maybe they’ll roll out a whole new McDonald’s menu in honor of Black Lives terrorism, featuring menu items like Sodomy McNuggets — are you Lovin’ It? — and their new feature sandwich, the Big Mac Black Attack. Can’t wait to see what’s in the Happy Meal… oh, is that a revolver with a note that says, “Kill Whitey?” Also can’t wait to see the McDonald’s branded Black Lives transgender “woman” action figure doll with an AK-47 and a voice-activated button that, when pressed, screams out, “Black Power!” followed by “DIE, mother f#cker!” in a voice that sounds exactly like Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction. (After all, nobody says it better than Samuel Jackson. And there’s nothing funnier than a big black dude dressed like a woman, screaming racist threats in a deep masculine voice. Kind of reminds me to watch White Chicks again, which is pretty much the funniest movie ever, starring the Wayans brothers.)

As you ponder all this, consider for a moment how far we’ve fallen from sanity. McDonald’s used to attract customers by having playgrounds for children. Now they go all-in with terrorists and lecture America on why you’re guilty to be White. This is the new landscape of corporate terrorism in America, where corporations terrorize their own customers and openly fund anti-America terrorists groups while claiming to be “tolerant” of rape, violence and murder. It’s a whole new twisted world out there. Ready for your Happy Meal yet?

Yeah, we’re gonna miss CHAZ. But what I really miss right now is the America we used to know. When did we lose our country, exactly? Oh, I’ve answered my own question: It was in 2008 when stupid white liberals thought that if they voted for a black president, America would experience racial healing. All they did was put a sleeper cell radical Islamic terrorist in the White House who fomented race-based hatred across the country and set the stage for the racially-charged upheaval we’re seeing right now.

As it turns out, you can vote your way into tyranny, but sooner or later, you have to shoot your way out of it. That chapter is likely coming soon. So stop eating those Chicken McThuggets and slam some real nutrition, because you’re going to need to be healthy, alert and resilient to survive the attempted kinetic revolution that the radical Left will be unleashing soon.

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