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No Fair Trial for Officer Chauvin

The American Establishment is determined that Chauvin will not get a fair trial. Chauvin is the Establishment’s showpiece of white racism.  The point that is being made is that the KKK is alive and well, only instead of a noose it is knee-on-neck.  An unthinking and unaware Chauvin gave them the video that they needed.  

Chauvin is not really having a trial.  He is the object of a show trial like Stalin’s “trial” of Nikolai Bukharin.  Chauvin has to be found guilty in order to justify billions of dollars of damage to many cities’ business districts and the absence of any indictments of the looters and arsonists.  

If Chauvin gets a fair trial, he would be found innocent.  He recognized that George Floyd was dying from a drug overdose and had medics called.  He restrained Chauvin, not to cut off his oxygen, but to keep him still so he did not waste what little oxygen he was getting in agitation.

As I previously explained, if witnesses are unaware that George Floyd had taken three times the fatal dose of Fentanyl and they are unaware that Fentanyl kills by depriving the body of oxygen, and they see an officer with a knee on Floyd’s neck, they will think the knee, not the unknown fentanyl is killing Floyd.

In other words, the eye-witness evidence is worthless and completely misleading.  Given the fact that people, including police chiefs, are universally ignorant about fentanyl and its effects, it was a simple matter for the media to endoctrinate them with non-stop showings of the video of Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck.

The Floyd “family” has gotten rich off Floyd’s drug overdose death.  The last I looked many months ago the insouciant public had offered up to Floyd’s brother $20 million in restitution.  While jurors were being selected, Minneapolis paid $27 million in taxpayer money to the “family.”  The news report of the $27 million restitution confirmed in all potential jurors’ minds that Chauvin was guilty.  So a fair trial is impossible for Chauvin.

Moreover, experts who can testify as to fentanyl’s killing power know that they would be demonized by the presstitutes and have Antifa and BLM camped on their lawns.  They understand that they could/would be killed for preventing “justice.”  You have to be against Chauvin or you are dead meat. 

Police can see the writing on the wall.  Large numbers have already resigned, includint two black female police chiefs in two of the cities most destroyed by the George Floyd looting.  

If Chauvin is found innocent, which is impossible as no American jury has that courage, America would still have a shot at law and order.  He will be found guilty, and all the dumbshits will celebrate as they are ignorant of the consequences, which are that the police will cease to police black criminals.  

Chauvin’s conviction will endow black criminals with immunity. An invaded white home owner could not resist robbery or rape without being gulty of “racial violence.”  Your carry permit will be worthless as you don’t dare to defend yourself unless your attacker is white.  

The white hope is that convicting officer Chauvin will appease the blacks and life can resume.  No.  Convicting officer Chauvin unleashes black criminals.  Of course, most black Americans are not criminals.  What will happen is that the horrendous crimes that blacks are suffering from black criminals will become a common problem.  Already many police forces will not go into black areas on 911 calls.  Our future is that they won’t go into white areas.  Thus we will have “social justice.”  

According to George Floyd’s last girlfriend, Courteney Ross, Floyd’s and her drug dealer, Maurice Hall, was in the car with them when the police arrested Floyd for passing counterfeit money. She confessed that they regularly purchased drugs from him.

Two attorneys, Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci, civil rights “ambulance chasers,” self-identify as “nationally renowned civil rights attorneys.”  They have in some way attached themselves to Chauvin’s showtrial.  When the fentanyl issue came up in the courtroom, they issued this statement:

“As the defense attempts to construct the narrative that George Floyd’s cause of death was the Fentanyl in his system, we want to remind the world who witnessed his death on video that George was walking, talking laughing, and breathing just fine before Derek Chauvin held his knee to George’s neck, blocking his ability to breathe and extinguishing his life for all to see.”

This statement is a lie.  The police video/audio clearly shows that George Floyd is complaining of inability to breathe prior to action by officer Chauvin.  When the officers finally get Floyd into the police car, he continues to complain about breathing problems, saying, “I can’t breathe.”  He wants to get out and to lay down. The officers permit this, and it is at this point that Chauvin places his knee on his neck.  We know nothing of the pressure.  It would have been minimal unless Floyd attempted to get up.  The medical examiner’s report finds no life-threatening damage to the neck.

This is not negligent manslaughter, it is not third-degree murder.  It is a police officer attempting to deal with a drug overdose problem.

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