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Lifestyle Grifters

With more and more internet grifters promoting alternative lifestyles, an ever increasing number of young people are being led away from God and His plan for them and towards an unbiblical cult-alternative.

For years social media has been inundated with lifestyle grifts pushed by political pundits and internet celebrities, ranging from transgenderism to homesteading, with many telling young people to forgo all other options other than dedicating their lives to said lifestyle, just like in religious cults. For example, the transgenderism lifestyle takes over a young person’s life by financially draining them with medical procedures to live life as a sick pantomime of the opposite sex, while the homesteading grift similarly takes over lives by stunting a young person’s social and economic growth by having them live isolated in an 18th century fantasy world.

Taken at face value, the homesteading grifter’s advice to not go to college and stay out of cities appears valid; many higher education institutions have become plagued by Marxist professors and policies and big cities have become more and more dangerous for decent people to live in. The problem is, however, that this homesteading/”return to tradition” advice is pushed in such a way that discourages young men from finding their own path that God intended. Despite its conservative christian window trimmings, the homesteading lifestyle is no different than the other humanist lifestyles being pushed by lifestyle grifters; it’s putting the advice of men above the instruction God laid out in the Bible. Like how transgender cult targets kids with body image issues and Andrew Tate’s lifestyle grift takes advantage of insecure men, the homesteading grift preys upon young peoples’ anxiety about society and their place in it, and instead of finding peace through trust in God, they’re duped into trusting in a harmful false idol.

These homesteading lifestyle grifters often point to Amish communities as an example of the superiority of their beliefs. The Amish enjoy very low crime and have a superficial degree of autonomy, however, one must realize that the Amish are only allowed to enjoy their primitive, cloistered lifestyle because of others who are willing to use technology and brave the real world to provide them with defense. Ironically, many promoters of the homesteading lifestyle also describe themselves as anti-globalists, despite “the globalists” wanting the majority of the population uneducated and living in a low-tech society without any doctors, engineers, or scientists to oppose them. If these lifestyle grifters had their way, the entire christian conservative movement would be isolated to farmsteads and forest shacks, doomed to wait for the high-tech drones or airborne ebola to kill them off one by one. Worse than being killed, the homesteading grift also encourages duped believers into spiritually stagnating all alone in the wilderness, which is where Satan chose to tempt Jesus.

Indicative of the quality of their advice, none of these grifters practice what they preach. For example: Alex Jones advocates for young men to bug out of society, work menial labor jobs, and start homesteading, despite the man living his entire life in the urban Texas triangle, getting a cushy radio job after high school, and refusing to move his family or his business out of the Austin metro area. Additionally, all of them who advocate against college education never question their doctor or surgeon’s quality of education when they need to go to a hospital for overdosing on turpentine in their tiny house.

The aim of many of these lifestyle grifters, whether they’re conscious of it or not, is to make christians lust after something that isn’t of God. Instead of getting young people to ask themselves what God is calling them to do, which could range from being a pastor to a doctor or scientist, they tell them that homesteading is what they NEED to do, getting them to commit idolatry by putting the homesteading interest above God’s. Lifestyle grifters like Andrew Tate, Owen Benjamin, Jordan Peterson, Kim Kardashian, and Mike Cernovich to name a few, aren’t very different from the genital-mutilating indoctrinators on the left: both prey on young peoples’ anxiety and inadequacies to make money selling them the idea that lifestyle changes will make them feel content instead of the Word of God, which is Satan’s plan for humanity.  

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