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America’s Catastrophic Disintegration

We can observe the disintegration of the United States in the Democrats’ 1930s-style Stalinist Show Trial of Donald Trump. Republicans provided the Senate with video proof that Democrats responded to their 2016 defeat with insurrectionist language whereas Trump did not respond to the stolen 2020 election with insurrectionist language. But in the Democrats’ Show Trial evidence is of no more importance than it was in Stalin’s Show Trials.

Republicans are treating the Democrats’ double-standard as hypocrisy, but it is much worse than that. It is proof of the insouciance of the American people that has resulted in the loss of standards of truth, civil liberty, and democracy.  The ruling double-standards and indifference to evidence—indeed, the preference for lie in place of fact—are proof that American societal and governmental institutions have been completely corrupted.  As Andrei Martyanov shows in his new book, America is disintegrating before our eyes. 

The United States isn’t a nation any longer. It is a collection of peoples without a country.  A nation requires a unifying spirit of the people, and the United States has no such unifying spirit.  Martyanov observes that there is nothing in common between a white WASP farm worker from Iowa, a Jewish lawyer from Manhattan, and a black rapper from the Bronx. They view the world, America and their place in it differently, and those visions are irreconcilable. 

Martyanov writes that “today, the United States is not a nation, certainly not in the traditional sense of having a dominant ethnic nationality, while the foundational American meme and myth of a ‘Melting Pot’ has turned out to be exactly that—a myth. America’s many ethnicities have not been assimilated to form a single nation, but rather are more aptly regarded as a salad bowl” of divergent interests. America is a tower of Babel standing on the shaky ground of Identity Politics. Such a multicultural diverse country does not have a national interest because unity is absent.  A house divided cannot stand.

There is no single American identity. Indeed, the foundational ethnicity and foundational ideas embodied in the Constitution are under attack and are opposed as racist and exploitative.  This attack is institutionalized in the New York Times’ 1619 Project, in the educational system and in the Democrats’ racial politics.    The myth of white racist America has served the purpose of providing the Democratic Party with a historical narrative that legitimizes its efforts to develop an electoral constituency based on the promotion of racial politics. Thus the disunity of the country is institutionalized in the politics of the Democrat Party.  In other words, disintegration is built into the cake.

The lack of unity leaves the US in an extremely weak position with regard to Russia. The Russian Federation is also afflicted with diversity.  However, acknowledgement  of the ethnic Russian foundation of the country is state policy.  The Russian Constitution states: “The State language on all the territory of the Russian Federation is the Russian language, the language of the State-founding people.”  Such an act of unity in the United States is impossible. All efforts to establish English as the national language have failed. In the US the state-founding people are dismissed as racists. This leaves the United States with no foundation.  A weaker position cannot be imagined.

A country without a unifying language is unlikely to be unified in other ways.

In the US the state-founding people are demonized and turned into second-class citizens who must be suppressed because of the systemic racism in their DNA. White Americans are denounced as “Trump deplorables,” “MEGA fascists,” and “enemies of democracy.” They are not even permitted to protest a stolen presidential election.

This leaves the United States as a geographical location in which diverse peoples are further divided by the preaching of hatred.  The solution demanded is that the founding ethnicity acknowledge its evil and accept its overthrow by the racially oppressed. Those making these demands are themselves members of the founding ethnicity.  It is the white left-wing, the white educational establishment, the white Democrat party, and the white media that are attacking white America as deplorable systemic racists.  There can be no greater disunity than this.

The “whiteness” that is being overthrown is not only ethnicity, but all of the values and achievements of which Western civilization consists.  Rational thought and free scientific inquiry are themselves under attack.  Mathematics itself has been racialized. Martyanov reports that math has been declared racist “by the Seattle Public Schools Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC) which released a rough draft of notes for its Math Ethnic Studies framework in late September, which attempts to connect math to a history of oppression. The committee suggests that math is subjective and racist, saying under one section, ‘Who gets to say if an answer is right,’ and under another, ‘how is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?’ Not to be outdone in race-baiting was a recent article appearing in The Nation magazine proposing to count votes of black Americans twice in what was defined as ‘Vote reparations.’ The fact that this ludicrous–not to mention openly discriminatory towards the white and other minorities’ population of the United States– idea was even worthy of presenting in what amounts to the herald of the Democratic party’s left wing is a troubling sign, showing the extent of destructive racialist radicalization.”

The destruction of American unity and foundational beliefs is only one reason that the United States is disintegrating.  Martyanov provides a number of other causes of our disintegration. One is that not only the US but the entirety of the Western world is no longer capable of providing competent leadership. This failure is general and not limited to government. Martyanov likens the Western world to a “Warhol can of Campbell’s Soup, which is nothing more than a ‘school of pretense.’” The West’s 15 minutes of fame is up.

Western politicians are victims of their pretense. They actually believe that they hold a geopolitical power hand when in fact they are totally outclassed by Putin and Xi.  Western self-deception places the physical survival of the West in jeopardy, because “the overwhelming majority of America’s modern political class has no grasp of the forces it is playing with and the possible outcomes.”  

The American ruling class is so stupid that it declares American exceptionalism, by which it means Washington’s moral right to world hegemony, while disuniting America by attacking the country’s founding ethnicity and values as “systemic racism.”  If the United States was founded in white racism, as university faculties, public school systems, Democrat politicians, and the New York Time’s 1619 Project proclaim, what is indispensable about a country whose exceptionalism consists of racism?  That this extraordinary contradiction can go unnoticed for years while Washington justifies bombing and dispossessing millions of people in eight countries as “bringing them democracy” while the ruling elite steal elections in America illustrates that the cognitive dissonance of the American ruling elite is off the scales.  

The illegitimate Biden regime has no qualms about making clear its hostility to the founding American ethnicity.  The regime is staffed up with sexual deviants, black extremists, and Jews who are hostile to “Trump deplorables.” The regime is carrying on a purge of the armed forces of troops that the educational system failed to indoctrinate against themselves. The First Amendment is being misrepresented as a “threat.” A domestic terrorism bill is on its way.  It will be used to brand those out of step with the controlled narrative “domestic terrorists.”  War has been declared on white, Christian, heterosexual, traditional American males.  

And the rulers of this disintegrating country are fomenting conflict with China, Russia, and Iran.  The question is whether the United States will disintegrate before it is militarily destroyed.

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