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White Liberals Need Sensitivity Training

Who needs sensitivity training? The answer is white liberals and their black dupes. Not all blacks. Just the white liberals’ dupes.

White liberals and their black dupes are the most racist people on earth. They teach hatred of white people, teaching that leads to verbal and physical abuse. See, for example, these expressions of hatred for white people:

White Americans are not taught to hate black Americans. But black Americans are taught by white liberals to hate white Americans. Yet despite the taught, orchestrated hate, blacks are never guilty of hate speech or hate crime. But whites are guilty even if they are silent and actionless. It is called “systemic racism.” By virtue of skin color, white liberals have declared all whites to be racist. Clearly, it is the white liberals teaching racial hatred who require racial sensitivity training. Yet, it is their victims who receive it.

Skin color is now the arbiter of good and evil. Black is good. White is evil.

As whites overall are more successful than blacks overall despite the reverse discrimination that favors blacks, white liberals conclude that the American system is rigged for the triumph of evil over good. Meritocracy does the rigging. The white liberal solution is to get rid of merit-based school admissions, hiring, promotion, and job performance evaluation. Instead, these decisions must be based on skin color (and in some instances by gender declaration and sexual preference).

The consequence is the destruction of educational standards and of educational institutions themselves. For example, in Northern Virginia a famous STEM high school was branded racist because it had a 70% Asian and 30% white student body. (Because of their success relative to blacks, Asians also get the racist treatment.) The remedy was “equity,” which means admission by skin color. Those who effected the change admit that the school now accepts students who are not qualified to be there. For them to graduate, standards are reduced. In other words, an elite school has been destroyed. Having been “reformed,” it now produces the same morons as the rest of US schools.

The emphasis on “equity” instead of merit is now widely spread in US educational systems. In California public schools, mathematics has been deemphasized. White liberals decided that math is racist, because it is harder for blacks to do. The deemphasis on math is described by white liberals as reducing “whiteness” in education. Reconstructing history, taking down monuments, banning books, and substituting indoctrination for learning are other ways “whiteness” is being removed.

What does this mean for white students? They are not only denied education and the ability to reason, they are denied self-respect and any knowledge of positive contributions by their white forebears to their country. They can be neither proud of themselves nor proud of their country.

How then can they fight for their country? What becomes of the military? Indeed, how do you have a police force?

The same is happening in the criminal justice system as in education. Just as it is racist for blacks to fail in school, it is racist for them to fail in society. The criminal justice system is just another racist way whites hold down blacks. In order to get rid of the injustice, black crimes are being defined away. For example, Oxfam, a British charity organization, trains its staff that it is racism for white women to report rape by black men. To discourage Scandinavian women from reporting rape by black men, there is an effort underway to equate such a report with a hate crime, which is punishable. In other words, if white women report that they have been raped, the raped woman, not the rapist, has committed a crime.

White liberals might think they are leading a revolution. If so, they will be its first victims. There is nothing in the doctrine of systemic racism and in critical race theory that excludes white liberals. In The Camp of the Saints the white liberals who paved the way for the black immigrant-invaders were the first to be killed.

White liberals are too stupid to understand that when a society is deconstructed, the result is violence and chaos.

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