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Where Are the Indictments of Those Implicated in the Coup Attempt Against Trump?

On NPR radio today 12:20 east coast time, one of the female NPR presstitutes set the stage for Hillary Clinton to repeat Schiff’s lies about the Trump-Zelensky telephone conversation and to resurrect the false Russiagate charges and describe Trump as an illegitimate president. Corrupt NPR also pitched a softball that let Hillary explain away attempted investigation of her emails as Trump’s obsession to prove that he won rather than stole the presidential election.  

NPR has made it as clear as it can be made that NPR is part of the ongoing attempted coup against President Trump.

In the 1970s Irving Kristol declared Republicans to be the “stupid party.”  How correct he has proven to be.  Russiagate and now this latest coup attempt to overthrow the elected president of the United States are acts of sedition.  There is no evidence whatsoever for the charges with which the Democrats and US media, parroted all over the world by other news agencies, are libeling Trump.  Indeed, we have many known felonies committed by Obama regime officials who orchestrated the Steele Dossier and Russiagate. We have overpowering evidence that the Obama FBI covered up Hillary Clinton’s felonies.  We have overpowering evidence that Obama CIA director John Brennan orchestrated, or set in motion with his false allegations, Russiagate.

That the Demorcrats and their handlers have an ongoing coup against the President of the United States is undeniable.  High treason is written all over it. The few educated and aware Americans who still exist can see it clearly. We are watching to see if the insouciant American people succumb to propaganda that is terminating the United States.  Something will still be here, but it won’t be America.  What remains will be a Tower of Babel, the disunity of which makes it easily controllable by the Deep State. Or, if insouciant white Americans ever realize that they are on the genocide list, civil war could erupt between ethnic Americans and the nonwhite immigrants flooded into the country by the Democrats hoping to use their votes to keep governmental power in Democrat hands.

So where are the Trump administration’s indictments of the Democrats who have been engaged in sedition and deception of the FISA Court for three years? The sedition against Trump can be stopped immediately by indictments of known Democrats who conspired against the President of the United States and by indictments of the propagandists that constitute the presstitute media that intentionally misreports in order to influence the outcome of elections.  

But there are no indictments of real criminals, while Rob Call on OpEdNews reports that an anti-Trump CBS presstitute poll finds that 55% favor a Trump impeachment inquiry while only 45% don’t. The poll is likely contrived, but if it is accurate it indicates that the majority of  Americans believe what the presstitutes tell them.  If they are actually that stupid, can such a stupid people survive? 

Does the insouciant American population consist of lemmings who want to go over the cliff together?  To think independently is to offend one’s peers.  So Trump must be guilty or the media wouldn’t say so. Is this the extent of the intelligence of the American people?  If so, how can Americans hold on to the US Constitution that gives them liberty?

The indictments of felonious Democrats are absent because Republicans are stupid. I know them well, having lived with them for 25 years.  Republican adivsers are telling Trump that if his Attorney General indicts the Democrats who actually committed real crimes in their effort to overthrow Trump, the indicted will, to save their own situation, testify against Obama and Hillary who, if not the organizers of the sedition against Trump, at least are officials who gave approval and encouragement to the plot. That makes it a conspiracy for which Obama and Hillary, aside from other crimes, can be indicted. It would be, Republicans advise Trump, a nation-destroying precedent for a former president to be indicted.  The Republicans advising Trump are apparently so oblivious that they don’t realize that Trump himself, an American president, is on the road to indictment regardless of the evidence.  Do the Republicans prefer to lose a president on the basis of the total absence of evidence rather than to indict a president who is clearly guilty?  Such a party as the Republian Party is too stupid to survive. Irving Kristol was right.

The Republicans are simply too stupidly patriotic to indict a president, so they tell Trump, just let bygones be bygones.  Don’t establish the precedent of bringing a former president and his top officials to indictments that will result in conviction and imprisonment.  This, the Republicans believe, will destroy the people’s belief in their government, and the US will become just another “banana republic or African dictatorship.” To save America, Trump is being told, you have to turn your eyes away from the sedition of the Democrats and the Deep State.

In other words, he is being advised: “Let them get you.” So much for Trump’s advisors. So much for Trump appointing such stupid advisors.

This misplaced and idiotic superpatriotism immobilizes the stupid party and leaves the initiative with the determined party, a party that  ignores all facts and whose media shills drown out any facts that manage to get expressed.

Trump is guilty of the undefined and unsubstantiated, and that is enough for the American media.  Is it enough for the American people?

The coming collapse and instability of “the world’s only superpower” is going to be stunning.

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