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What Does The Word “War” Really Mean? Heart-Rending Images That Are Not Shown On TV

Nowadays we often hear such words as “war” and “terrorist attack”. These terrible events are taking lives of innocent people and destroying their future.

Children have the hardest time going through these terrible things. Suddenly they lost their usual childhood and fall into the cruel world that leaves an indelible mark on their souls.

Magnus Vennman is a well- known photojournalist from Stockholm who created a heartbreaking art project called “Where The Children Sleep”. The purpose of this project is to attract the attention of politicians and the public to the plight of children in Syria, as well as to the general problem of children and war. This art project has caused a lot of debate, but it does not matter who is wrong and who is right in this situation. The fact is that children are suffering because of the mistakes of adults.

Magnus Vennman made a long journey through Europe to the Middle East. During his trip, he met a lot of people who told him their stories. The photojournalist witnessed the reality which the Syrian children faced. These children will never forget the horror that they have endured.

Lamar, 5 years. Horgos, Serbia.
A bomb was droped near Lamar’s home and this violated the usual life style of Lamar’s family. They had to flee their land. Lamar left at home her favorite toys: a doll, a toy train, and a ball. The girl often remembers about them. Now little Lamar is sleeping on a blanket in the woods.

Abdullah, 5 years. Belgrade, Serbia.
Abdullah suffers from a blood disease. This 5-year-old child saw with his own eyes how his sister was killed in their own home. Now he sleeps at the railway station in Belgrade. Every night Abdullah has nightmares and he still can’t get over it.

Ahmed, 6 years. Horgos, Serbia.
According to Ahmed’s uncle, this boy is a very brave child. He tries not to show his fear to his loved ones. And only at night Ahmed’s family could hear his cries.

Maram, 8 years old. Amman, Jordan.
Maram just returned from school when her house got hit by a shell. Maram was extracted from the rubble, but her severe head injury caused bleeding in the brain. Maram was in a coma for 11 days. Now the girl’s health has improved, but she can’t speak due to the fact that she had broken her jaw.

Raliya, 7 years and Rafar 13 years.
These children and their father have been sleeping on the street in Beirut, Lebanon for a year. They came from Damascus, where the grenade had killed their mother and brother.

Moyad, 5 years.
Moyad and his mother went to the store to buy some flour for baking a cake. They were passing by a taxi, when the bomb placed in the car exploded. The boy’s mother died at the scene. Mayod with numerous injuries was taken to a hospital in Amman, Jordan.

Fara, 2 years.
Girl sleeps in the city of Azraq, Jordan.

Ahmad, 7 years.
Ahmad was in his room when the bomb hit his family’s house. Splinters struck the boy in the head, but he survived. But his brother was killed. Now Ahmad is forced to sleep right on the pavement among the other refugees.

Shiraz, 9 years. Suruç.
When Shiraz was 3 months old, she began to have a heavy fever. Doctors diagnosed her with polio and said that the girl had no chance at life. Then the war broke out. Shiraz’s parents with a sick child at their hands tried to save their lives.

Mohamed, 13 years.
The boy is in the hospital in the town of Nizip, Turkey.

Tamam 5 years. Azraq, Jordan.

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