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We Were Not Told The Cost to Us of Multiculturalism

When white gentile and Jewish liberals imposed diversity and multiculturalism on the rest of us without asking if we agreed, they did not tell us what it was going to cost us and how much it would cause the quality of our lives to decline.

They did not say that the price would be the loss of public safety and law and order in society as, for example, the Minneapolis Police Department said in its recent advice to Minneapolis citizens to “give up your cell phone and purse/wallet” if approached by robbers and “do not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say”  — 

In Democrat controlled cities and states, the impunity the governing officials gave to  looters, who burned down portions of the cities and stole everything from looted businesses that they could carry away, has encouraged a big jump in already high black crime.  The police are advising that, with the limitations Democrats have placed on them, that the public’s safety depends on doing as the criminals say. If they want your car keys, give them to them.  Otherwise, you might be killed.

When white gentile and Jewish liberals imposed diversity and multiculturalism on us without our permission, they did not tell us it would cost us our history.  The preferred diverse elements now require that we rewrite our history, raising them up as unjustly harmed by racist white gentiles such as ourselves, and lowering ourselves down as racist oppressors.  This was already the fashion for some tme in liberal universities, and now it is incorporated into public education via the New York Times 1619 Project.

The white gentile and Jewish liberals did not tell us that another cost would be the loss of our self-respect and pride in our country’s accomplishments in raising up so many diverse people such that non-white gentiles now are abundently present among corporate executive ranks, university faculty and administrators, news media propagandists, police force captains, and aggresively outspoken members of Congress, while “racist whites” are disappearing from public view.

We were not informed by the liberal white gentiles and Jews that we had to give up our public monuments, because being mainly white, as our country historically was, the monuments are of white supremists and must be pulled down, not to please the majority of the American population, but to please the minority of diverse and multicultural foreigners brough in by white liberal gentiles and Jews to ruin our life.

And now our life is ruined, and we are too indoctrined against ourselves, brainwashed, overcome with guilt, and too emotionally and politically weak to do anything about it.

The world will not regret the demise of the American Empire, which was more of a hegemony than an empire.  But the white gentile Americans will regret the demise of their public safety, incomes, self-respect, and their displacement in their own country by immigrant-invaders brought in by white liberal gentiles and Jews.

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