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US Military Poorly Led and Disgraced

After the Biden-Putin meeting there was fanciful commentary about reduced tensions and avoidance of war. As I explained in my column and several interviews, as long as Washington has hegemonic aspirations and needs the “Russian threat” to justify its military/security complex budget and NATO, little can be done to reduce tensions.

The meeting succeeded in again portraying Putin as a tyrant who poisons and imprisons his political opponents ( ).

As for war tensions, Washington immediately raised war dangers by arranging a 32-country two-week war game from June 28 to July 10 held off Russia’s Black Sea Coast. According to Washington the war game will practice “multiple warfare areas including amphibious warfare, land maneuver warfare, diving operations, maritime interdiction operations, air defense, special operations integration, anti-submarine warfare, and search and rescue operations.”

Russia warned of the risk of deadly incidents and demanded the war game be scrapped.

Sure enough even prior to the start of the war game a British warship inside Russian waters had to be driven out with warning shots and attack threat from Russian aircraft.

Washington’s war game is irresponsible and juvenile. The 32 countries include Senegal, Morocco, Pakistan, South Korea, Poland. Does Washington really think that these countries have naval forces capable of combating Russian forces?

This is a mindless provocation by Washington. Idiocy of this sort is likely to result in the Russian Pacific Fleet conducting war games off the coast of Hawaii and, eventually, Russian/Chinese/Iranian naval exercises in the Gulf of Mexico.

While Washington plays tough guy in the Black Sea, the US military shows every sign of collapsing morale. At Nellis air base the US Air Force just put on a drag queen show in order, in the words of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to “enhance moral and cohesion and military readiness.”

“Ensuring our ranks reflect and are inclusive of the American people is essential to the morale, cohesion, and readiness of the military. Nellis Air Force Base is committed to providing and championing an environment that is characterized by equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.”

There you have it. Sexual perversion is essential to US military morale and readiness. What must Russia, China, and the Muslim world think? While the Pentagon panders to sexual perversion, Russia and China train men in actual combat.

How much longer will straight white men serve in the US military? They already suffer discrimination and humiliation by having to take sensitivity training. I cannot imagine Marines and paratroopers accepting drag-queen and transgendered officers.

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