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Ulysses S. Grant — Racist

I told you this would happen.  The ignorant mobs destroyed a Ulysses S. Grant monument along with a statue of George Washington. 

Will the Lincoln Memorial be next?

The dumbshit  northern liberals used racism to express their self-righteousness by demonizing the South without having the wits to realize that they made “white” and “racist” synonyms. As I recently wrote, Antifa does not differentiate between Lee and Grant.  Both are white men.

The liberals are so completely stupid that it never occurred to them to wonder if the Union army was so moral as to give hundreds of thousands of white lives to free the black slaves, why the same army and Generals—especially Sherman and Sheridan—were unleashed on the Plains Indians, people of color, and destroyed them, just as they had the Confederacy? It was all for the sake of the white empire. The Confederacy and the native Americans both blocked the expansion of the empire. 

Why do white liberals who preach hatred of white people think they are immune to the consequences?  How stupid can they be?  Do the dumbshits at the New York Times realize that they are setting themselves up to be burned down by preaching that the United States is based on white racism?  

The dogma of white racism has been ingrained into the consciousness of people of color.  How can it be removed?

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