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Trump affirms coronavirus vaccine will NOT be mandatory at the federal level, but governors might force vaccinations at the state level

President Trump has confirmed that, from a federal perspective, coronavirus vaccines will not be forced upon people who don’t want them. In statements made last Friday, he said that, “Not everyone is going to want to get it” and that the vaccine would only be for those who do want it, reports LifeSiteNews.

This is relief, for now, as Trump had previously announced he was going to mobilize the military to distribute and administer the vaccine. Using the military to administer vaccines sounds like coercion would be involved at some point, since there’s no shortage of civilians in America who can and will administer vaccines (pharmacists, nurses, doctors, etc.) without needing any help from armed soldiers.

Governors may still require mandatory vaccines at the state level

Even if Trump does not push for mandatory vaccines at the federal level, governors may require vaccines at the state level. And this means America will likely be divided into “vaccine SLAVE states” vs. “anti-vaccine FREE states.”

In the vaccine slave states, your body is owned by the state which can demand you submit to an unlimited number of forced injections, no matter how risky or dangerous the vaccine might be. (Operation Warp Speed guarantees that vaccines will be released while still in the experimental phase, transforming Americans into human guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s mad medical experiments.)

In the anti-vaccine free states, governors will respect the individual decisions of citizens who are recognized as the rightful owners of their own bodies. Anti-vaccine free states will likely be states that lean more conservatives, while vaccine slave states will of course be the states run by Democrats and progressives.

This means that citizens who live in “progressive” states like California and New York are about to experience the full meaning of “progressivism,” which essentially requires you to surrender your individual freedoms, liberties and even your body to the whims of the corrupt state. In centuries long ago, kings asserted their “divine right” to rape anyone they chose, and today, Democrat governors will assert the same right to medically rape anyone living under their jurisdiction.

Because forced vaccines are medical rape.

Employers might require coronavirus vaccines for all employees

In the same way that Democrat-run states may demand mandatory (forced) vaccinations of everyone, employers might also demand that all their employees be vaccinated, even against their will. We’ve already seen examples of this type of coercion in the medical field, where doctors and nurses who have refused to be vaccinated against the flu, for example, are fired and denied employment.

It’s not difficult to imagine this also being applied to daycare workers, school teachers, food industry workers and other sectors of the economy. Employers are likely to demand vaccines for everyone as a way to reduce their own perceived liability in case they are sued by another worker who contracts the coronavirus while at work. Corporations need to be able to say, “We did everything possible to prevent infections,” including issuing vaccine mandates for all their employees.

Thus, just because President Trump isn’t pushing vaccine mandates (at the moment), it doesn’t mean your governor, or state health department or employer won’t try to jab you against your will.

Mandatory vaccines, of course, are medical rape. They violate your body against your consent, injecting you with foreign substances that may cause injury or death. We can fully expect California’s Gov. Newsom to come out as a medical rapist who demands the power to violate the body of every man, woman and child living in the State of California.

As these medical rape programs are rolled out, we fully expect to see people fleeing the vaccine slave states and escaping to free states where they can say no to toxic, experimental vaccines that contain dangerous, unproven ingredients. Those who stay behind and try to survive the vaccine mandates will, of course, likely find themselves infertile or dead within a year or two. Depopulation has been the plan from the very beginning. And tyranny. What an amazing coincidence that the biological weapons release, the extended lockdowns and the mandatory vaccines just happen to accomplish all the globalists’ top goals, all at once.

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