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Trap In The Desert. The Story Of How This Woman And Her Pets Survived For 6 Days Under The Scorching Sun

40-Year-old Brooke Phillips always loved traveling by car with her pets – a dog and a cat. Going on a trip to the north of Australia, she did not assume that the journey would become a real trial for her.

The trip was going well until Brooke turned off the highway to cut the road. At some point, her SUV got stuck in the sand. At first the woman took it as another road adventure. But an hour later Brooke realized that the car was thoroughly stuck in the middle of the desert, and she was trapped.

Brooke decided not to panic, she was firmly convinced that in a few hours she would be found. On the first day the woman drank all the water supplies, splitting it her with her pets.

However, Brooke did not think that she would have to spend the whole 6 days in the desert.

Inside the car Brooke found two packs of instant noodles, several crackers, pasta sauce, cream with coconut flavor, a jar of raspberry jam, 2 tomatoes and a wiper.

Noodles and cracker were useless, because of the strong thirst the woman literally could not swallow them. Raspberry jam and even a wiper proved turned out to be most useful in survival conditions. It is thanks to those products woman managed to survive in the endless desert.

All 6 days there was a strong heat, the temperature stayed at 35 degrees Celsius. On the second night a little rain fell so Brooke managed to collect some water.

While there was still gas in the car, an air conditioner was saving Brooke and her pets from the heat.  But when they ran out of gasoline the most difficult part of the trial began. The woman opened wide the windows of the car, covering them with towels from the scorching sun. But it was not enough to save them from the heat.

When Brooke did not return home, her daughter realized that something bad happened to her. The rescue operation in which the police and volunteers participated began. Later it turned out that from the place where Brooke was stuck to the nearest settlement was about 30 km.

Craig Davis, a police officer who led the search, said that the woman was saved only by the fact that she did not leave the car.

Brooke was examined by doctors. They reported that she is in good condition. No serious health damage was observed in her pets as well.

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