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Touching Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

This girl with cerebral palsy was denied service in a manicure salon. The reason for refusal was that the girl’s hands were shaking too much. After learning about that incident, the cashier from a nearby supermarket offered to make the girl a manicure in her lunch break.

This woman is a farmer. Her paddy field was destroyed by water drained from a Thai cave during the rescue of the children and their coach. But the woman does not worry at all about the lost crop. She says with a smile on her face that children are much more important than rice.

This street musician offers the homeless and all needy to take money from the the case of his guitar.

The owner of this dog sold his car to pay for the operation of his four-legged friend.

This is graduation class of the 92-year-old lady, who finally realized her dream.

The parents of this girl were very worried that it would be difficult for her to find friends in the kindergarten. Their fears were superfluous.

These fathers came to the master class to learn how to make hairstyles for their little princesses.

This man brings up his daughter alone. But he is glad that there are many moments in his life that other fathers miss.

This girl is only 2 years old. When her favorite doll’s leg got broken, the girl told her parents, that nothing terrible had happened, the doll would still remain her favorite. And then the girl asked her parents to buy a wheelchair for the doll.

This man had to wait a long time for his bus. In order not to lose time in vain, he picked up all the nearby garbage and threw it into the trashcan.

This chocolate was a birthday present for 9-year-old blind girl from her parents. Inscription on the chocolate bar says: “Happy birthday, we love you.”

This blind woman is expecting a baby. She can not see with her own eyes the results of an ultrasound scan, so just for her the image of her baby was printed on a 3D printer.

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