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Touching Stories From All Over The World That Will Make You Look At Life Differently

13 Trucks lined up in the US. Their goal was to save the man who wanted to end his life by jumping off a bridge.

This homeless man found a folder with medical documents in the trash, which were preparation for a surgery. The man returned the documents to the owner, following the address shown there. It turned out that the young man was robbed on the street, and his bag with the documents was thrown away. If it was not for the actions of the homeless man, the young man’s operation on the heart would fell through.

А free meal is available to anyone in need at this cafe.

Mom puts a note in her son’s lunch bag every day. After reading the messages, the boy keeps them as something important.

This young man calls his younger sister every week to help her with algebra.

This homeless man offered his last £ 3 to the student who lost a card so she could get home. As a thank you, the girl organized a fundraiser for this man and his friends and managed to collect £ 42 000.

This young man’s name is James Shaw. He stopped the man who arranged shooting at Waffle House, Tennessee. A few hours later, James launched a campaign in support for the shooting victims and managed to raise $ 165 000.

This girl’s name is Montana Brown. She beat cancer twice: at 2 years old and at 15 years old. When Montana grew up, she went to work as a nurse in the hospital, where she was fighting this serious disease.

David and Heather Mosher got married in a hospital where the bride was treated for cancer. 18 Hours later she passed away.

This man the whole flight was helping the woman who was flying alone with small children.

This dog is a real hero! He saved his friend.

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