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This Photographer Helps The Dreams Of Children Suffering From Serious Diseases To Become True

Shawn Van Daele is a famous photographer from Canada, he is working on the unique project called the Drawing Hope. Shawn Van Daele takes pictures of children who dream of recovery and creates magic photographs with the authors in the lead roles.

Sean Van Affairs sells these photos and transfers money to his young heroes so they can pay for their treatments. Photographer believes that we should never lose hope and calls families of sick children to do so.

Ryley is a young queen of hearts.

At the age of 7 months, Ryley got a heart transplant, and because of this she could live.

David is a brave guardian of stars.

The boy was born with underdeveloped left side of the heart. For his short life he has done three operations. Now David needs a heart transplant.

Chance is a great captain.

In the summer of 2011 Chance was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Then the endless courses of chemotherapy came. Despite all the difficulties, he does not lose a hope.

Alexandria is Queen of Honeydukes.

The girl was born with underdeveloped common bile duct in the liver. When she was only one month old, she went through a major surgery, but a few months later it became clear that replacement is required. This organ was found in just 8 days. Thank God!

Dawson is Pirate of Trillium Island.

At the age of 2 months old the boy developed meningitis, and as a result of this bleeding in the brain occured, as well as infection in the kidneys and bladder. The first years of his life Dawson spent in a hospital, trying to beat the disease. Now the boy spends most of his time in a wheelchair chair, but it does not prevent him from dreaming.

Sadie is a solar princess.

Most of the time the girl spends in the darkness, she is unable to leave the house without sun protection. But her happy smile shines brighter than any sun.

Dominic is a time traveler.

The boy was born with Down syndrome and heart failure. For several years he endured many operations, and now he is able to communicate only through facial expressions and gestures. In spite of these things he still has infectious laugh and love of adventure.

Marco is a researcher.

Marco got a heart transplant when he was only 34 days old. At the age of four years old the boy was diagnosed with cancer, but Marco found the strength to defeat it. For Marco everything seems possible, even flying apples.

Kasie is a quiet angel.

The girl was born with Rett syndrome, mental retardation, which is found only in girls. At the age of 14 months Kasie stopped talking and began to lose recently acquired skills. Now the girl is 21 years old, and she is able to communicate only through laughter and smile.

McKenna is Princess of fate.

The girl was born with a delayed physical development, which led to a complex operation when she was 4 months old. Part of her skull was removed in order to avoid serious damage to the brain. The girl has autism, but she continues to believe in miracles.

Kayla is a forest keeper.

At the age of 9 years old the girl was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. Every day she struggles with the disease, and continues to do horse riding. There is still no cure that can help Kayla, but she does not lose hope.

Naomi is an energetic butterfly.

This girl has mitochondrial myopathy. Naomi almost did not move until she turned two years old. Now Naomi can dance and sing, but she gets tired very quickly. She tries to overcome all difficulties to inspire those around her.

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