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This Homeless Man Found A Backpack With A Large Amount Of Money! What Do You Think He Will Do With The Finding

This story proves that human decency is not determined by the social status.

Glen James was born in 1959 in Boston. He had his own home and worked as clerk in the court. However his life changed in 2005, and Glen became homeless.

Glen had to spend nights in a shelter for the homeless. Due to his health problems, he could not find work. But the life difficulties did not deprive this man of such important quality as honesty.

In September 2013 in a shopping center South Bay Mall in Dorchester Glen found a backpack with a large amount of money. He did not hesitate a minute and give it to the police.

It later emerged that in the backpack there were $ 2,400 in cash and 40,000 in traveler’s checks. However, there was also a passport, so the owner of the backpack was found quickly. It appeared to be a student from China who came to visit his friend in Boston.

The act of this homeless man surprised the American society. Glen’s honesty inspired people to help him. 27-Year-old Ethan Whittington from Virginia organized a fundraising campaign for Glen James.

People actively donated money. 100 Thousand dollars were collected for Glen. In addition to the money people offered him clothing, food and shelter. Dental Association even offered him a free dental care for life.

In a festive atmosphere Boston Police Commissioner handed Glen the diploma “for remarkable decency and honesty”.

“Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a … penny of the money I found. I am extremely religious — God has always very well looked after me,” – James said.

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