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This Dad, His Daughter And 2 Pets Show The World How Their Lives Have Been Changing Over Time By Taking The Same Photo For 10 Years

Year 2008. This is a touching story of the Wong family from China. Ten years ago they had a daughter Tiffany. Since then the girl’s mom decided to take the same picture of her husband, her daughter and their pets every year to see how their lives change. This tradition has been preserved for 10 years already.

The first photo was taken in 2008, when Tiffany’s mother saw a touching picture on the couch and decided to capture this moment.

Looking at this photo, Mr. Wong, Tiffany’s father, remembers that he was very tired at that moment. After changing his daughter’s diaper, he was resting on the couch with the baby in his arms. At that moment the pets approached them and set down next to them.

Year 2013. For several years Tiffany’s parents forgot about the family tradition. They resumed it when their daughter was 5 years old. Tiffany saw how beautiful the photo was, and asked mom to do exactly the same.

Year 2014. Today photos of this family have become viral throughout the world, especially in China. By their example, many people started sharing their family photos from the past.

Year 2015. These are vital, sincere photographs that teach us to appreciate family and true values.

Year 2016. Mr. Wong also wanted to draw attention to one important problem in China with these pictures. In this country many families give their pets to the shelter as soon as they learn about the pregnancy of the spouse.

Year 2017. However, this family did not betray their four-legged friends, whom they once took from the pet shelter. And this did not affect the health of their daughter in any negative way. The girl is an absolutely healthy child!

Year 2018.

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