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The Western World Has Repudiated Itself

People were amazed that in 1962 Andy Warhol was able to sell a picture of a Campbell’s soup can for $11,700,000.  

Italian Salvatore Garau has put over an even greater hoax on the art world.  He just sold an “invisible” sculpture, that is, one that does not exist, for $18,300.  In other words, he sold nothing for $18,300.  At least Warhol had a soup can.

The art world is a world in which sophisticated white liberals live. For them it is sophistication to lay out almost $12 million — a sum that exceeds the lifetime earnings of practically everyone on earth—for an exact rendition of a soup can that they could have purchased in a food store for $1.  

That was then.  With the growth of sophistication, they now shell out $18 grand for nothing at all.  Garau announced that he had an invisible sculpture for sale and someone paid him an average American shelf-stocker annual income for it.

But more is to come. A white teacher who taught Spanish has decided, after struggling and grappling “with my internalized white supremacy,” that it is racist for a white person to teach a language of color.  To make amends she cancelled herself.  

Others speaking at the “Virtual Women’s and Gender Studies Conference” argued that white teachers should teach in white schools and black teachers should teach in black schools.  It was only yesterday that what today poses as “anti-racism” was considered racist segregation. 

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