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The Story Showing Why It Is Important To Challenge Yourself And Believe In Success

Cara Brookins is a single mother of four children from Arkansas, USA. Cara had a bad marriage, which had a negative impact on her children. The kids had a low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. The woman understood that she had to do something to help them.

Cara decided to start a new life from scratch. The family did not have money to buy a new home, then the woman got an amazing idea. Having no experience and knowledge in the field of construction, Cara began to build a house.

Cara took a loan for 150 thousand dollar in a bank. With this money she bought the necessary materials. After watching a lot of videos on YouTube she started to work, with the help of her children.

At the time of the start of construction, the children were 17, 15, 11 and 2 years old.

They were able to put a brick by themselves.

Cara and the children built the frame of the house on their own.

Cara and the children built the frame of the house on their own.

And most importantly – they learned how to work in a team, feeling the support of each other.

Together they built a house with the square of 325 m2, which has 5 bedrooms, a garage for three cars and a two-story house on the tree.

Working together united the family like never before. The children got their self-confidence back, and Cara is happy that she dared to start the construction.

For several years Cara and her children have been living in the mansion they built with their own hands.

Cara proudly calls her children “fearless.” She is confident that there is nothing in the world that they would not be able to cope with.

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