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The Picture Of This Boy And His Dog Touched The Hearts Of Thousands Of People Around The World. Find Out Why

Shanna Niehaus posted a photo of her five year old son Kainoa on a social network. The woman also wrote a text commenting the photo, and this post touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world to the core.

“See this moment? I’ve never experienced a moment like this!” – Shanna says to other network users.

The fact is that Kainoa is autistic. It’s extremely difficult for the boy to communicate with others. Even his mother always has difficulties dressing, bathing, or even giving him a hug, because any touch can cause Kainoa panic attack.

The boy had never had friends. Shanna witnessed many times his unsuccessful attempts to establish contact with other kids on a playground. Kainoa was very upset by the lack of friends and spent a lot of sleepless nights crying after his unsuccessful attempts to make friends.

Being desperate, Shanna decided to take the dog named Tornado, who was specially trained to help autistic children.

On this photo the woman looks at her child and can not hold back tears of joy.

This is the first meeting of Kainoa and his dog. The boy voluntarily cuddles with Tornado, expressing tacit affection. The boy’s actions indicate beginning of a great friendship.

Now Jeanne has peace, she is sure that, thanks to the Tornado, all will be good.

Nowadays more and more dogs come to help children with autism. Such pets are specially trained: they can calm kids during a panic attack and give the parents know, when the help is needed. Dogs behave in a special way towards the people, so it is easier for autistic children to find common language with them. Dogs help children with autism to make contact with the outside world.

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