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The Main Threat From Covid Is Not the Disease

The Covid Deception ( ) was used in the US to justify fraud-ridden “vote by mail” in order to steal the election from President Trump.  Covid’s next use is to assault civil liberty. If the Democrats’ theft of the election stands, we are likely to get the national lockdown that Biden’s Covid adviser favors.  Little doubt that mandatory vaccination will be sold as the way to get released from lockdown.

There have been large protests in Britain and most of Europe against the lockdowns and restrictions on civil liberties mandated in the name of public health.  British journalist Chris Sweeney says he no longer recognizes the Britain that he knew.   The movie, “V for Vendetta,” was predictive.  In the movie, the origin of the popular Guy Fawkes masks, a pandemic is engineered in order to establish a dictatorship.  It does look like more control over people, their ability to work, and their movements is what we are headed for. 

Soren Korsgaard sees the alleged Covid pandemic as another assault on civil liberty like the police state measures ushered in by 9/11: 

“Under the pretext of the coronavirus and via an unprecedented terrorist/propaganda operation, governments have successfully conducted the largest human experiment in history [21]. The consequences are staggering and will become more tangible over the next months and years. So far, with the stroke of a pen, governments have (not the virus) reduced humans to mere sheep and cattle: billions have been forced into house arrest or confinement, non-essential businesses were closed and millions of people lost their livelihood in an instant, the ability to move and travel freely was eliminated, the global economy took a nosedive resulting in untold suffering in first-world and, in particular, third-world countries. Additionally, dystopian and extremely intrusive spyware were rolled out to track and monitor citizens (but not government officials) [22]. The stress resulting from the global lockdown, unemployment, and propaganda has initiated a virtual pandemic of suicides and overdoses. In England and Wales, the suicide rate has hit a two-decade’s high, meanwhile 75,000 excess Americans are estimated to die from suicide and overdoses due to exacerbated living conditions [23-24].

“The “terrorist laws” that were rolled out subsequently to 9/11 were widely regarded as extreme, unconstitutional, and infringing upon basic human rights; however, the laws being implemented in numerous countries, right now, make the 9/11 laws pale in comparison. The citizens of Australia have been thoroughly disenfranchised. In the state of Victoria a Stage 4 Lockdown has been imposed, which means you must wear masks outside the home (fine for not wearing a mask, about $1,000). The citizens can only exercise outside the home for one hour a day, cannot travel more than 5 km, must go alone for shopping or medical purposes, and there is a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am. Those who break the curfew are penalized with a fine of about $5000. If this is not prison there has never been one. 

“In Denmark a very detailed and complicated 227-page bill is being prepared for passage. According to the document, the purpose of the law is to “protect society and individuals against the diseases mentioned in § 2 by eradicating or curtailing, preventing and limiting the spread [25].” The document then specifies that the law encompasses “infectious diseases, generally dangerous diseases, and socially critical diseases …. By a socially critical disease is meant a generally dangerous disease whose spread causes or risks causing serious disturbances to important functions of society [26].” 

“The document further specifies that a “socially critical disease is, in contrast to a disease that is alone contagious or generally dangerous, more difficult to categorize in advance, as the categorization does not alone depend on the assessments of health professionals of the mortality of the disease and consequences for the individual, but also for political assessments of the societal consequences of the disease [27].” Translation: Those who challenge official explanations or go against the establishment’s version of events will be regarded as sick and targeted for silencing. The extremely broad definition of a “socially critical disease” means that the elite can define any troublesome behavior as a disease whose spread must be stopped. 

“For years, one of the top priorities of the elite has been ban explanations contrary to official ones by branding them “fake news” and “conspiracy theories.” The Orwellian concept of fake news concerns anything that threaten the interests of centralized power, but not, for example, the lies about Washington’s wars, “weapons of mass destruction,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” etc. By exploiting the coronavirus crisis, totalitarian laws were quickly proposed and enacted across the world with a high degree of coordination and with very little variability. In several countries, it is now a crime to spread information contrary to the controlled explanations. In Zimbabwe, “people who peddle information deemed false by the government face up to 20 years in prison, a hefty fine or both” [28]. In Thailand, the government warned that “anybody joking about the virus could face up to five years prison time” [29]. In the US social media and news organizations censor information that questions mask use and information that points out that the Covid test produces a high rate of false positives and that most new cases are in fact false positives.  [See “Something extremely bogus is going on”— Musk says he’s positive & negative for Covid-19 after taking 4 tests in 1 day. ]

“If we carefully observe the techniques used by the presstitutes and public health officials during the Covid crisis, it appears that they have conditioned the masses to accept totalitarianism as a solution through the covert use of psychological conditioning techniques used in the military. When new recruits are drafted into the military part of their training is to be broken down via intrusive physical and psychological processes. The training involves confinement and suppression, control and conformity, deindividuation, stress and punishment, and others. By means of these processes, the personality and character of recruits are reshaped such that they, for example, will obey orders from superiors at all times. In regard to the coronavirus, the masses have been terrified, suppressed, isolated, subdued, impoverished, and demoralized. Is Covid being used  to reshape and resocialize the masses in order to prepare them for massive changes, such as transnational digital dictatorship?”

The western media permits no discussion of these issues.

The alleged pandemic is also being used by the World Economic Forum, an elite organization, to take control over agriculture and global food production. The agenda is to push forward with genetically modified crops and laboratory-produced foods and to complete the transformation of countries’ diverse agriculture into commodity crops for export. Countries self-sufficient in food are made import dependent.  Corporate control over food will increase central power over people and eliminate geographical biodiversity.  You can read about it here: 

Fear is an effective means of destroying liberty and transforming society. 9/11 and Covid have both served to reduce liberty, impair its defense, and enlarge the powers of government and corporations over people.  Consequently, the accountability of government is disappearing and democracy along with it.

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