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The External Cost of One Minnesota Cop Is Very High

This Tells You All You Need To Know About the Protests:  

Antifa blacks, an outfit of the Democrat Party, went on a looting and burning rampage in Atlanta. The female police chief and female mayor let it happen the first night.  The female police chief protected the police rather than the city.  She changed her mind when the governor sent in the National Guard. She reports that the police have learned that the protests in Atlanta of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minnesota were infiltrated by “terrorists who came to destroy not protest” and declared a policy of non-toleration of violence.

Law and order whites don’t comprehend that their toleration of gratuitous police violence against members of the public—often outright murder—is not in their interest, especially when white liberals have been teaching blacks to hate white people for decades.  The power and influence of whites in society is collapsing because they did not stand up for justice and accountability. 

This time multi-city violent protests are occurring despite the imposition of accountability.  The police officer was arrested.  This is a change from the past when protesters were enraged by the free pass given to police. It is a sign of worsening race relations.

Blacks are developing a solidarity while whites are split into many opposing factions.  As of this time three other states have had to call out their National Guard to protect property and people against violence. 

Police violence against the public actually has more white victims than black.  One difference is that white people stand for it and black people no longer do.  Blacks see the police violence as racism.  If white people protested police violence against whites, blacks might see the problem for what it really is—bullies and psychopaths who enjoy the exercise of power and are not held accountable.  All Americans need to unite in opposition to the misuse of authority that has become rampant in our society.

The problem goes far beyond police violence. In the 21st century we have had a white president who declared his power to detain citizens indefinitely without charges despite the Constitution’s prohibition, and we have had a black president who declared his power to execute citizens on suspicion of being a terrorist without due process of law.  Other violations of the Constitution are now commonplace such as spying and home intrusions without warrants and routine violations of privacy.  Congress, the judiciary, and the media have proved to be no barrier to the construction of a police state.

The Identity Politics championed by Democrats makes unity impossible while the toleration of Constitutional violations in the name of national security by both political parties undermines our liberty that is based on government accountability.  America, now a diverse multicultural entity, needs unity, but it is becoming a Tower of Babel.

The outcome of this is predictable.

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