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The Covid Lie Grows Like Pinocchio’s Nose

Take 15 minutes and listen to this interview with a hospital nurse —  

She says that what are called “breakthrough cases” and Delta variant cases are affecting mainly the vaccinated and are in fact adverse reactions to the vaccinations.  She says hospitals and hospital doctors will not acknowledge the fact of adverse reactions and report adverse reactions to the vaccine as new Covid cases.  The more Covid cases and Covid deaths, the more money the hospital makes, so reporting adverse vaccine reactions as new Covid cases is the way hospitals are maximizing their profits.  Obviously, a hospital doctor who disagrees is out of a job.  In other words, the truth about Covid and the vaccine is too costly to the hospital to be acknowledged.

The interviewed nurse says that half of the nurses at the hospital where she works are about to lose their jobs, because they refuse to be vaccinated.  We have seen, she says, the terrible effects of vaccination on patients and are unwilling to do this to ourselves. Many nurses want to quit regardless, because they cannot stop doctors from making people ill by vaccinating them. Medicine, it seems, has ceased to be about health.

This hospital’s policy is essentially the policy of all the hospitals.  It suits NIH, CDC, and FDA, because it protects the vaccine’s reputation and that of the regulators who approved its emergency use, and it protects Big Pharma’s profits, some of which flow back to the regulators.  

As Stew Peters sums up the interview, it is murder for money.

The nurse says that the only treatment the hospital gives Covid patients is Remdesivir and puts patients on ventilators.  Remdesivir has serious adverse effects of its own, and ventilators are a known killer of Covid patients.  

Asked about Ivermectin, hospitals refuse to use it even if a doctor prescribes it for a patient.  As I reported, at another hospital a wife had to get a court order that the hospital had to give the dying husband treatment with Ivermectin.  But the hospital dragged its feet, and apparently Big Pharma got to the judge and he withdrew his order.  The patient has likely been murdered by the refusal of treatment with Ivermectin. For hospitals, it is Big Pharma protocol over life.

Contrast this with the successful widespread use of Ivermectin in India to control Covid, and the decision by the Tokyo Medical Association to recommend that all doctors treat Covid patients with Ivermectin. 

The conclusion is that when it comes to Covid treatment, the American medical system is the most backward one in the world.

Unfortunately, the presstitutes will not report any of this, and unfortunately most Americans are too busy wasting their time in the ways they do to save their lives by watching a 15 minute interview.

The Covid lie began with the PCR test run at high cycles that made the test unreliable and a generator of a high rate of false positives.  This is how the “pandemic” was created.  Millions of people who did not have Covid were reported as having Covid because of the false positives generated by the PCR test.  This intentional lie was used to create the fear that drove people to be guinea pigs for a dangerous experimental “vaccine.”

Fear was also driven by financial incentives given to hospitals. Covid deaths meant bonus payments.  This cleverness gave hospitals incentives to report all possible deaths as Covid deaths.  The flu season, heart attacks, cancer, pneumonia, all became Covid deaths.  The greatly exaggerated figure was used to heighten the fear factor.

In truth the people dying were people with Covid and co-morbidities, and they were dying because they were not being treated except with ventilators, which turned out not to be a treatment that addresses Covid. 

Known and safe treatments were withheld, because otherwise emergency use could not be granted the pending vaccines.  Emergency use authorization is dependent on the absence of treatments that cure.  This is why in the US and Europe HCQ and Ivermectin, both long approved, long in use, and so safe that they are available for over-the-counter purchase in most of the world, were demonized as “dangerous,” “unapproved,” and it is why false stories financed by Big Pharma are spread, such as this one— — which convince people that there is no alternative to the “vaccine.”

The vaccine is not a vaccine.  It is an effort to substitute experimental RNA technology for a vaccine, and it has failed big time.  What was yesterday “fully vaccinated” is today unvaccinated.  A booster shot is needed, and Fauci now says one will be needed every 8 months or despite numerous shots you will be unvaccinated.  In Israel where 84% are “vaccinated,” the pandemic among the vaccinated is so great that the Israeli health czar already has Israelis on a second booster. It seems humanity is to become a pin cushion for vaccine needles. 

The so-called vaccine not only fails to protect, it produces serious and deadly adverse effects.  Indeed, the likely case is that the great majority of what are said to be new Covid cases are in fact adverse reactions to the vaccine.  This would explain why the great majority of what are labeled new Covid cases are among the “fully vaccinated” and why new cases rise with vaccination.  See the Israeli table for example— 

If already there are variants, it is highly likely that they are results of the vaccine which top rank scientists believe enables the virus to escape immune response.  In other words, the more vaccination, the more variants, the more Covid spreads.

It would be impossible to design a greater failure or a greater threat to public health and civil liberty than the mRNA vaccines and the campaign behind them.  Many distinguished experts have reached this conclusion and speak it, but they are censored.  Why?  Is it only because they threaten vaccine profits?

Despite the massive undeniable total failure of the Covid Vaccine, there is enormous pressure from everywhere for universal vaccination.  Biden wants it mandated by the Labor Department that every firm with 100 employees requires vaccination as a condition of employment. Hospitals and HMOs are requiring it of their doctors and nurses.  Universities are refusing to allow unvaccinated students to even take online courses!  There are calls to deny unvaccinated people access to restaurants, hotels, public transportation, sports events, hospitals, and even visits to their own doctor and dentist.  A Covid Passport which has to be updated every 8 months means endless paperwork.  Every time you turn around it is time to get a new passport.  

The pressure is unrelenting. If you make a purchase from a pharmacy in the state of Georgia, it will be handed to you in a red and white bag reading in giant letters: “I said Yes to the Vaccine to Help End the Pandemic.”  “Covid Vaccine is safe,” declares the bag. “Side effects are mild and last a day or two.”  Now do your part to control the pandemic—Get Vaccinated.  Department of Public Health, Government of Georgia.

This from a public health department despite the fact that vaccination  does not protect, requires endless booster shots, and is causing a pandemic of adverse reactions and new variants!  

The only possible conclusion is that either public officials, employers,  and university administrators are so completely stupid that they cannot fathom the clear evidence or they want more adverse vaccine reactions, more new variants, and more Covid cases.

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