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The Act Of This 93-Year-Old Italian Woman Conquered The Hearts Of People Around The World

This woman’s name is Irma, she lives in the Italian city of Vicenza. Despite her venerable age, this 93 years old woman is full of strength and seeks to change this world for the better.

Irma’s granddaughter posted a photo of her grandmother and a short story about her on Facebook. This information quickly spread over the network.

The thing is that Irma decided to go on an unusual journey. The purpose of her trip is not a desire to see the world, but a great desire to become a volunteer in a children’s shelter in Kenya.

Irma’s granddaughter told that her grandmother always loved life and always tried to overcome obstacles. Irma has experienced many difficulties In her life and therefore she seeks to help others.

At 26, Irma lost her husband and was left alone with three children. Later, the woman survived the death of her child. Her life was not easy, but Irma never gave up.

Several years ago, Irma met with the missionary Don Remigio, who had been helping his whole life people of Kenya. Now Don Remigio is in a hospital. A few years ago Irma got a desire to go to Kenya and visit the kindergartens and hospitals built by Remigio. And finally she got such an opportunity!

Today, Irma is in the city of Milindi, Kenya. The elderly woman teaches English and math at the local school. Irma also teaches children to create beautiful cards and gift boxes with their own hands, for this she brought from home colored paper, needles and colorful threads.

People surrounding Irma admire her love of life and energy. This elderly lady proves everyone that the older age is not an exuse to sit at home. At 93, she continues to enjoy life.

According to Irma, she plans to stay for several weeks in Africa, but does not rule out the possibility that she would want to stay there forever!

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