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Stories That Prove That Even A Small Good Deed Can Warm Someone’s Heart

After this young man entered the store, a security guard asked him to go with him. The store employee showed him the video camera recording that was made exactly a year ago. The video shows that the young man dropped the money near the cash register. So the guy got his money back.

The note said: “07/23/2017. Time: 12:48. Cashier 7. The guy in the striped shirt. On a black Ford Focus.”

This man was celebrating his birthday in a cafe with his wife and child. He did not tell anyone that it was his birthday. But the unknown made him a gift and paid the bill.

The boy from Germany every day throughout the year was parking his running bike in one spot. Once an unknown person made a personal parking sign especially for him.

This woman is seriously ill. Her last dream was to attend a hockey game.

This woman is seriously ill. Her last dream was to attend a hockey game.

This grandmother loves to read. For 15 years she has been coming to the bookstore to read books. The store manager put the sofa specifically for her.

The unknown person found a broken chair on the street, repaired it and returned it.

The inscription reads: “To whoever finds this.”

This elderly man takes pictures with sleeping cats and posts them on social networks. In this way he draws attention to homeless shelters and helps raise money for them.

Residents of Brest, Belarus, were washing swans, who suffered from oil spills.

Good people put a house for homeless animals on the street, which has warm blankets and bowls of food inside.

In several stores in Russia appeared such shelves with bread. The inscription says: “Dear pensioner! Here you can take the bread for free. This is from the heart! Sincerely, Your Countryman!

Who has the opportunity to take an extra loaf of bread and put it here, do not hesitate! Let’s try living a little kinder!”

The people of India did the cleaning on the beach. More than 5 tons of garbage were removed from there.

With the onset of cold weather, unknown persons placed such packages throughout the city. The package says: “I am not lost. Take me if you need me.”

“Need a coat? Take one. Want to help? Leave one!”

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