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Social Network Users Raised $ 450000 For Chinese Boy Who Walked 5 Km In -9 Degrees Celsius Weather To Pass An Exam

Wang Fuman man is an 8-year-old boy from China, who has a chronic hypothermia, lack of heat. So the child always feels cold, gets swollen hands and looses sensitivity of his fingers.

Wang lives in a small village in China’s Yunnan province with his grandmother and sister. His mom left the family, and his father went to work to a different town and visits the children only every few months.

In early January, despite his diagnosis, Wang walked 5 kilometers in -9 degrees celsius, wearing only a light jacket, without a hat, in order to pass an exam. When the boy came to class, his hair and eyebrows were frozen, and the cheeks were red from cold. His classmates laughed at him at that moment, but the teacher took apicture of Wang and posted it on the Internet.

This photo made the boy known to the whole world. A lot of people shared this picture, and this story got a touching sequel.

Thanks to the picture, people around the world have learned the story of the 8-year-old Wang, who is very eager to get education, because it is the only way out of poverty. On that examination the boy scored 99 points out of 100.

The media called Wang’s photo “a symbol of perseverance and courage of the Chinese nation.”

Also it became known that there is no heating in his small school, and pupils have to sit at lessons in outerwear.

This picture has caused a lot of discussion of the plight of Chinese students. Many of them are like Wang, they have to live with grandparents while their parents go to big cities to work. Such children are usually malnourished and forced to walk long distances to get to school.

At the end of January Wang, his sister and his father were invited to Beijing. There they had a tour of the city. The boy took participation in a press conference, where he said that he hopes to enter the Beijing University and become a police officer or a doctor.

Social media users did not remain indifferent to this story. They raised 3 million yuan, whis is 450 thousand dollars.

These funds will be used for repairing heating system at Wang’s school, purchasing heaters and warm clothes for children from poor families in Yunnan province.

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