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Republicans Shredded Mueller at the Hearing Called by Democrats: But will this be all?

Infowars provides a series of 5-minute destructions of Mueller and also a video of the entire hearing:

Now that Russiagate is totally discredited, President Trump must use the initiative in his hands to prevent the deep state and media whores from ever again attempting a coup against our government or any other.

From the very beginning I told you that Russiagate was a hoax orchestrated by the CIA, FBI, Obama Justice (sic) Department, and Democratic National Committee to discredit Trump as a presidential candidate and as a president and to prevent Trump from normalizing relations with Russia.  The print and TV media and NPR were 100% supportive of the hoax and lied through their teeth for 3 years.  The presstitutes succeeded in brainwashing even themselves along with the Democrats that Trump would be impeached. 

The hoax was completely obvious, and now it is a proven hoax. It is a mystery that I could see it but not a single member of the presstitutes or Democratic Party could see it. 

Not much can be said for the intelligence and awareness of the American people.  Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe that any presstitute or Democrat really believed the Russiagate hoax.  As Democrats and presstitutes are the type that emotes rather than reasons and that needs immediate gratification regardless of the unintended consequences, it is likely that the Hillary Democrats and the presstitutes just wanted to get Trump and did not care how much lying it would take to frame-up Trump. This made them willing participants in the CIA/FBI coup against Trump.

The military/security complex was determined to keep Russia for an enemy, and still is, and intended to assassinate Trump politically instead of physically like President John F. Kennedy. The political assassination having failed, the folks who brought us 9/11 might bring us another physically assassinated president, if Trump revives his intent to normalize relations with Russia. The failure of Russiagate could actually endanger Trump’s life. It is easy to imagine as patsy an enraged, mistreated, illegal immigrant whose family was separated by Trump’s wall.

Russiagate is over, and it is clear even to the most stupid American that Russiagate was an attempted coup against the president of the United States.  The remaining question is whether Trump will  “move on” or whether those responsible for the coup will be indicted for their numerous crimes.  Indictments are absolutely necessary if the rogue military/security complex is to be brought under control.  President Kennedy said that he was going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces, but they killed him first.  President Trump should at least abolish the covert operations branch of the CIA, which starts wars and blackmails and assassinates political leaders.  Foreign policy belongs to the State Department and the decision to go to war belongs to Congress.  It is absolutely imperative that President Trump put the official, elected government back in charge. He cannot do this unless a number of heads roll.

If President Trump lets them get away with it, the executive branch, legislature, and judiciary will become stage props for the deep state.  If the US is to remain even faintly connected to accountable government, President Trump must bring the culprits to justice. 

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