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Plaintive Meow Was Coming From The Basement Of The School. Then One Of The Students Went To See What Was Happening Down There

It was 2010. Anastasia Bogolepova, a schoolgirl from Russia, heard a plaintive meow that was coming from the basement of the school.

The girl made a firm decision to find the animal and help him. Nastya went down to the basement of the school, trying to find the spot that the sounds were coming from. It turned out to be a tiny kitten who had not even opened his eyes yet. He was trapped and very scared

Anastasia took pity on the kitten and brought him to her home. Her parents were first against the pet, but after seeing eagerness of their daughter to save the life of a defenseless creature, they allowed her to keep the kitten.

After a while, the kitten opened his eyes and began to adapt to the new happy life.

It turned out that this was a girl. She was named Fima.

At first she was shy, but soon began to accustom to a cozy home.

From the very childhood Fima was very loyal and respected her owners. Probably the memories of the terrible moments spent in that basement did not leave the cat for a long time. It was hard for her to forget that feeling of cold and loneliness.

Fima quickly made friends with another cat – Jennifer, who had long been living in a family.

Jennifer took care of Fima until she passed away.

When Fima was 8 months old, she got a new friend.

It was a little Silver.

Since then Fima has been taking care of Silver. Fima and Silver grew up together, and always remained best friends.

Fima has become a real beauty.

Fima is still loved by her family very much! She was very lucky in life!

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