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Pets With Unusual Body Features That Got Lucky To Find A Loving Home

Looking at these photos, you start to remembering the words of the Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

This dog is one-eyed, three-legged and has only half of the tail, but the owners are trully in love with him.

This dog has a constantly hanging tongue and one blind eye, but his owners call him handsome.

This kitten was expecting to be euthanized, until one young man decried his true beauty. Now the kitten is surrounded by love and care.

The owners of this pet gave him the nickname of “PI”, because he lacks a third (3,14) of his paw.

It’s Rue. He has only three legs, but it does not prevent him from being a favorite in the family.

14 Years ago this cat was born blind. But his owners believe that only he is able to see person’s soul like no other.

A missing eye does not deprive this puppy of cuteness!

Get acquainted with Hemingway! He has three legs and 21 fingers.

“My fiancée wanted to get another dog, and I was against it. When we saw this dog, we immediately realized that we found a compromise”.

“My sister saved this cat. He has no tail and one ear, but all the members of our family have surrounded him with attention”.

Beaux Tox is a labrador retriever. Due to the deformation of his skull, no one wanted to take him. Only one woman was able to see devotion and kindness behind his unusual appearance.

This kitty’s name is Spike. As a result of her difficult early life she lost her tail. That did not prevent her to find a loving home.

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