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Pastors And Physicians: From Protectors To Predators

Historically, society has deemed pastors and physicians two of its most sacred callings. Pastors watched over our souls, while physicians watched over our bodies. The duties of each office were both respected and protected in our nation’s most important documents and doctrines. But in about four months, our federal government has turned both professions from that of protector to that of predator.

The so-called coronavirus pandemic has totally changed the spiritual, emotional, psychological, philosophical and medical soul of America. The entire country has turned against itself. No one trusts anyone. Everyone they meet, whether in a grocery store, drug store, restaurant, gas station, department store or even church, is viewed as a threat. Masks, social distancing and home isolation are all considered the “new normal.”

Tens of thousands of pastors are yet today forbidding their congregants from assembling together for worship. And tens of thousands of physicians are still largely out of reach from their patients.

Many physicians have been on vacation for months. Hospitals are still refusing to see patients. Surgeries have been postponed. Cancer victims are not being treated. People with heart disease are not being treated. Gallbladder disease is not being treated. Meanwhile, our hospitals are as EMPTY as our churches.

In fact, physicians and hospitals are being paid by our federal government to NOT treat people. And that same federal government is bribing hospitals and doctors to make an all-out effort to “find” corona cases. They are paid to issue corona tests (which are largely inaccurate); they are paid to identify corona cases, whether they exist or not; they are paid to isolate people as a preventative against corona; they are paid to put people on respirators; ad infinitum; ad nauseam. And we are not talking chicken feed here; we are talking hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars. By the same token, 501(c)(3) government churches are being paid by that same federal government to NOT conduct services.

Almost overnight, two of the most respected callings in the country, pastor and physician, have become nothing more than sniveling servants of the state.

The horror stories that are taking place in nursing homes, retirement facilities and hospitals across America rival the horror stories that came out of Nazi Germany. All over America, tens of thousands of seniors are dying totally ALONE. They endure life-and-death surgeries alone; they are enslaved in their medical wards alone. Their families are forbidden to see them as they suffer and die. Families have no idea of the kind of care (or lack thereof) that their loved ones are receiving. 

Think of the despair and suffering these elderly people are experiencing as they are forcefully separated from their loved ones—at the time when they need them most. Think of those with diminished mental acuity who don’t understand why their husbands and wives or their children and grandchildren are not coming to see them.

What is happening to America’s seniors today is CRIMINAL. Families should be suing these heartless, money-grubbing, conscienceless “caregivers” out the ying-yang. Ah, but, the U.S. Congress is in the process of protecting physicians and hospitals who deny medical treatment from being sued, don’t you know.

The act is called the Coronavirus Provider Protection Act (H.R. 7059). In a nutshell, it gives physicians and hospitals (and other caregivers) carte blanche insulation from any attempt by the victims of all of this medical negligence to seek justice.

The federal government is using the coronavirus to turn physicians into predators. All of these stupid socialists who are clamoring for government healthcare are quickly going to find out what America’s veterans have known for a long time: Government healthcare is a monstrous FAILURE that shatters the doctor-patient relationship and turns patients into human guinea pigs and physicians into nameless bureaucrats.

Furthermore, the corona scamdemic is already in the process of creating an Orwellian, Stalinesque Police State in this country.

Dru Kristenev observes:

The overblown response to the WuFlu coronavirus has ushered in another chapter of data collection and regulation that is being used to restrict the rights of citizens, and it’s infected even the most conservative states.

Weaponizing emergency, urgent care and hospital policy was a major step. Entrance into these facilities requires mandatory temperature reading, donning a facemask (proven to be useless against the spread of the disease) before an employee will tend to the visitor.

Recent events have shown that the CDC has pressured doctors and nurses to view every potential patient as a Covid-19 carrier, disregarding the individual’s complaint as superfluous. Personnel are armed with a sketchy list of possible WuFlu symptoms that could describe seasonal allergies to heartburn, and the first thing done by healthcare workers is insist that the patient be tested, which they are still free to refuse. Refusal, however, is close to becoming a black listing. Don’t be surprised when rejecting a test will brand the individual as a danger to society. Dictatorial states like Washington have already implemented contact tracing, where “trained interviewers” knock on doors and take names.

The objective behind pressuring individuals to be tested is to boost case numbers in order to validate the overreaching regulations being implemented by government agencies. Should the individual refuse to be tested? That’s hardly an obstacle. Medical professionals are being directed to report “probable” infections based on the catchall list of symptoms.

It’s become imperative for individuals to arm themselves with the real facts about Covid-19: that the mortality rate is .1% of cases diagnosed; that testing positive is not indicative of resultant illness nor does it require vaccination; that the virus is not that easily spread and that the vast number of false positives and reports of probable cases is far beyond the actual numbers. Dr. Deborah Birx said publicly that the numbers are inflated by approximately 25%.

What is true is that the pandemic is an epidemic of government repression focusing on tracking individuals in their activities (if they tend toward freedom of conservative speech and religious expression) and confine them to living separate, censored lives. This is the only way the progressive agenda can press ahead. Inexcusably, too many republican officials and administrators accept the propaganda, ignoring their constitutional duty and becoming accessories to creeping tyranny.

Recommendation? Refuse testing for the virus. The vast number of false positive results make it of no use. Refuse vaccination when it is finally offered for being ineffective. Vaccines have proven to infect individuals more often than protect them against viruses. Do not relent from speaking out against ineffective, vain regulations being forced upon individuals under the guise of seeking a cure.

The only cure available to a free society is to adamantly maintain our mobility and freedom to conduct business without social limits, gather with friends in public and worship without constraints.

This nation was designed to protect and defend commerce, unrestricted speech and religious pursuits, never to suppress liberty.

And as I said at the very beginning of this nonsense, none of it could happen without the sheepish submission of America’s pastors.

The pastor is rightly characterized as being a shepherd. His duty is to both feed the flock and protect it from wolves. Any pastor who cannot see that these government lockdowns, forced isolations, forced business closings and forced church closings are the work of demonic forces is no shepherd. His sheep should certainly move on to safer pastures.

By surrendering their flocks to the worst kind of Nanny State, pastors have abandoned their role as shepherds and are leading their sheep to the slaughter from the most savage of beasts.  

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