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News You Won’t Hear Christians And Conservatives Talk About

I have said for years that it’s not what you hear in most churches that is the problem; it is what you don’t hear. The same goes for most conservative politicos. On the issues that are the most parlous to our liberties, the vast majority of Christians and conservatives are silent. I mean totally silent.

Here is about all most Christians and conservatives have to say about things:

*Donald Trump is very good.
*Democrats are very bad.
*Israel is very good.
*Muslims are very bad (except the Muslims in Saudi Arabia are good).

I don’t think I left anything out.

But what about America’s War Empire killing innocent people all over the world? Silence. What about America’s War Empire building military bases on Russia’s borders and pushing China’s territorial waters almost to dry land? Silence. What about America’s War Empire selling billions of dollars of weapons and munitions to the terrorists in Saudi Arabia and Israel who can then slaughter tens of thousands of Yemenis and Palestinians with impunity? Silence. What about America’s War Empire dropping thousands of bombs on innocent men, women and children all over the Middle East and Northern Africa? Silence.

What about the fact that the U.S. military is preparing for global combat—and WE are the aggressors? Silence.

What about Trump’s air war killing more than 2,000 innocent civilians (tell me when Donald Trump was authorized to wage war by a Declaration of War by Congress—and tell me when the wanton slaughter of civilians was ever just)? Silence.

What about the fact that the United States is supplying arms and munitions to 70% of the world’s dictatorships? Silence.

What about the fact that the U.S./Saudi Arabia war and blockades against Yemen have resulted in the starvation deaths of more than 85,000 Yemeni children (tell me again the threat Yemen—especially its children—poses to the United States)? Silence.

What about 45 years of electing “pro-life” Republicans to Congress and the White House, and the federal government is still fully funding America’s largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood? Silence. What about 45 years of appointing Republican “pro-life” justices to a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and Roe v Wade is still the law of the land? Silence. What about the fact that “pro-life” Republicans have controlled the U.S. House of Representatives for 20 of the last 24 years, and no Sanctity of Life bill that provides personhood to the unborn baby has ever been brought to the floor for a vote? Silence. What about the fact that even though a “pro-life” Republican Party has controlled both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government (House, Senate, White House) for no less than 6.6 years during the Bush II and Trump administrations, nothing has been done to overturn Roe v Wade via Article. III. Section. 2. of the U.S. Constitution? Silence.

What about the militarization of America’s local and State police agencies? Silence. What about the growing number of unarmed American citizens (especially black citizens) being shot and killed by trigger-happy policemen? Silence. What about Donald Trump calling for the confiscation of firearms without due process? Silence. What about the numerous “red flag” laws being passed by both Republicans and Democrats that authorize police agencies to confiscate the firearms of innocent American citizens who have not harmed a single person, have not committed a single crime nor have even been accused of a crime? Silence.

What about the fact that New Jersey police invaded an Iraq War veteran’s home and tried to confiscate his firearms without a warrant, without a crime being committed, based only on the honest questions of the man’s son, who asked why the adults at his school were unable to defend students against armed criminals? Silence.

What about when the Anne Arundel County, Maryland, police were sent to confiscate the firearms of 60-year-old Gary Willis—despite the fact that the man had committed no crime, had threatened no one nor had ever been charged with a crime—and when the man resisted having his guns seized, police shot and killed him? (This is the first—but won’t be the last—innocent American citizen killed by police officers operating under Trump-inspired “red flag” gun confiscation laws.) Silence.

What about Israeli snipers murdering Palestinian farmers as they plant trees? Silence.

What about Israeli snipers shooting an AP cameraman wearing a PRESS vest as he films border protests? Silence.

What about Israel annexing land it took by invasion and occupation, killing landowners and demolishing their homes and villages, in violation of the Geneva Convention and International Law? Silence.

What about the Zionist Organization of America giving National Security Advisor (that’s supposedly AMERICA’S national security) John Bolton the “Defender of Israel” award? Silence.

But here is what most Christians and “conservatives” are talking about:

*Donald Trump is very good.
*Democrats are very bad.
*Israel is very good.
*Muslims are very bad (except the Muslims in Saudi Arabia are good).

Here are more things you won’t hear most Christians and conservatives talk about:

*The Rights of the Colonists, a List of Violations of Rights, and a Letter of Correspondence, by Samuel Adams

*Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress

*Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms

*The American Crisis (No. 1), by Thomas Paine

*George Washington’s Farewell Address

*Ron Paul’s Farewell Address to Congress

*The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

Right. I’m talking about the great documents of American history. The vast majority of pastors, Christians and “conservatives” are as ignorant of the principles of constitutionalism and Natural Law as are most liberals and unbelievers. That’s why it normally doesn’t matter to a tinker’s dam which party controls Congress or whether a Republican or Democrat is in the White House (including the current occupant). The political and religious right and left are operating in almost total ignorance of the fundamental principles of liberty upon which America was built.

In my studies years ago, I sadly discovered that these great American documents could not be found in one volume under one title. That’s why we created THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

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