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It Took This Guy Several Years Of Preparation And Selling His Own Car To Make A Wonderful Gift For His Grandfather

Cam Dedman is a young man from Kentucky, USA. He loves his grandfather Fred Lamar very much, and decides to make a special gift for his birthday.

Fred Lamar is a good family man. For many years he provided for his family members, putting their desires and needs above his own. Fred always had a dream to repair his car, but there was always a lack of money for that. When Cam was born, Fred became not just a grandfather, but also a best friend for him. When Cam grew up, he decided to realize his grandfather’s dream.

At one time Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 was considered the most expensive model of this brand. However after 30 years of idle time in the garage the car turned into a piece of rusty iron. Cam had to work hard and spend a large amount of money to give the car a second life. The young man was saving money for several years, and afterwards he also sold his own car to finish the job as soon as possible.

Cam was not working alone on restoration of the car, he was assisted by a team of professionals. Working on the project, Cam took into account all the wishes of his grandfather, which he had mentioned in his conversations with his grandson.

Two days before his grandfather’s 81st birthday, Cam gathered the whole family together and gifted restored Chevrolet Bel Air to his grandfather. “He almost passed out” – Cam describes his grandfather’s state when the old man saw a restored car. Fred could not restrain himself and burst into tears. By that time he already had stopped dreaming of driving his beloved car.

After making a wonderful gift to his loved one, Cam also managed to realize his own dream: he opened a workshop where his friend and him restore retro cars. Sometimes Fred helps them in this matter.

Here is the restored Chevrolet Bel Air 1957.

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