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In Amerika Today, Law Used as a Weapon Is the Prime Danger to Citizens

Earlier today I posted my article pointing out how corrupt are Cyrus Vance, the Democrat Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the presstitutes who shill for the corrupt prosecutors. 

 I made the point that American prosecutors and journalists no longer see law as “a shield of the people,” which is the way the creators of the rule of law saw it.  Instead, in the Anglo-American world today, law is a weapon in the hands of the state to be wielded against the people.

This is how law is being used against Trump in New York and how it is being used by the FBI and federal prosecutors against those who attended the January 6, 2021, Trump Rally in Washington DC.

As of this time, 535 Trump supporters have been arrested, held without bond, and face charges of “insurrection.”  These arrests and charges are totally phony.  Everyone knows, including  those making the arrests and charges themselves, that there was no insurrection.  The presstitutes, who continue reporting the insurrection know there was no insurrection. The “insurrection” is a concoction to discredit Donald Trump and make his prosecution on the basis of purchased false testimony easier.

In American “criminal justice” facts no longer matter.  Evidence that does not support conviction is prohibited from entering the courtroom.  The jurors are not allowed to hear anything but the prosecutor’s concocted case. Prosecutors have a video that completely clears John Steven Anderson of the false charge of “assaulting, resisting, or impending certain police officers” on January 6, but they refuse to release the video.  Prosecutors are determined to send Anderson to prison because he is a Trump supporter despite the fact that they know he is innocent of the charge that will imprison him. be

The police and prosecutors’ favorite method of concocting evidence is to bring false charges against a third party and to pile on the charges until the overwhelmed person agrees to lie for the prosecutors against their real target in exchange for having the fake charges dropped.

Many Americans drowning in patriotism and gullibility simply cannot comprehend that this is really how the “justice” system works in wonderful, God-blessed America.  

For these deluded persons, listen to a distinguished defense attorney, a Jew, a Democrat, a legal scholar, and certainly not a Trump supporter—Harvey Silverglate, formerly a member of the board of the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

Indictment of Trump CFO cause for concern 

By Harvey A. Silverglate July 9, 2021 

“The indictment of one of Donald Trump’s key executives has produced a lot of excitement and anticipation among those on the left who have been waiting for Trump’s Maginot Line to begin to crumble.

“There is widespread anticipation that the indictment of Allen Weisselberg,
the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, will lead to the eventual fall of our former president. 

“One does not have to be a fan of our 45th president (I, for one, am not) in order to be concerned about the motives of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and his minions in indicting Trump’s right-hand man. (As any criminal defense lawyer knows, while technically it is the grand jury that decides to indict, it is actually the prosecutor who makes that decision, which is then rubber-stamped by the grand jury.) 

“This concern arises out of the way in which the indictment of Weisselberg was fashioned not so much to punish him but, rather, to pressure him to testify against his boss in order to lessen, or avoid altogether, a substantial prison sentence. 

“According to Martin J. Sheil’s article for Slate, ‘How Much Jail Time is Allen Weisselberg Facing if He Doesn’t Flip on Trump?,’ Weisselberg has three possible courses of action: 1) plead not guilty to all charges; 2) plead guilty but refuse to give up Trump to the prosecutors; or 3) plead guilty and give the prosecutors what they want, with this third option giving Weisselberg the least severe punishment. 

“These coercive techniques not only produce, in the vast majority of cases, the testimony that the prosecutor seeks, but result in testimony that might not be entirely true and accurate. (In the immortal words of Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, prosecutors get their witnesses not only to sing, but also to compose.) 

“This corrupt prosecutorial system is so engrained that prosecutors, former prosecutors, and even retired judges talk of the way it works without the slightest bit of hesitancy, with no self-awareness of the dangers of producing false testimony. 

“Indeed, The New York Times in its July 2 print edition carried an op-ed penned by Donald Ayer, Norman Eisen and E. Danya Perry, who describe themselves as ‘former federal and state prosecutors and government lawyers.’ In their essay, the three authors talk in terms of whether Weisselberg will ‘cooperate,’ describing Trump as being ‘at risk.’ 

“(Ayer was deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration; Eisen was an ethics advisor to President Barack Obama; and Perry is a former attorney general for the state of New York and former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.) 

“These former high government officials, now respected lawyers in the private sector, speak almost effusively, without any apparent hesitancy, about a system that, in my experience, is as likely to produce false testimony as it is to clarify what the target actually did or did not do. 

It is long past the time when federal and state laws should rise to the challenge and provide, once and for all, that rewarding witnesses for their testimony should be treated as obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury on the part of both the prosecutors who engage in such arrangements with potential witnesses, and the judges who approve such techniques.” 

Harvey A. Silverglate, a criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer and writer, is of counsel to Zalkind, Duncan & Bernstein in Boston. He is the co-author of “The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses,” author of “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent,” and most recently, co-author of “Conviction Machine: Standing Up to Federal Prosecutorial Abuse.” He acknowledges with appreciation the assistance of paralegal Emily Nayyer. 2/3  

Silverglate points out that the purpose of the indictment of Trump’s CFO is “to pressure him to testify against his boss in order to lessen, or avoid altogether, a substantial prison sentence.”

Silverglate points out that Martin J. Sheil who writes for the online Slate, Donald Ayer, a deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration, Norman Eisen, an ethics adviser to President Obama, and Danya Perry, a former New York attorney general and assistant US attorney all endorse a corrupt system of justice that produces false testimony in order to convict a target.

As I wrote in my article: Convicting the defendant regardless of the evidence is prosecutors  only purpose.  “This is what law means to them. They already live in their minds in third world despotisms.”

Silverglate believes, as I do,” that It is long past the time when federal and state laws should rise to the challenge and provide, once and for all, that rewarding witnesses for their testimony should be treated as obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury on the part of both the prosecutors who engage in such arrangements with potential witnesses, and the judges who approve such techniques.” 

The fact of the matter is that prosecutors and judges by achieving convictions on evidence that they know is false are far greater criminals than anyone in a US prison.  The real criminals are the ones who are running the “justice system.”

InsouciantAmericans have no idea that they are in the same position with regard to the terrors of law as the victims of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.  Americans are so dense that they will not learn until it happens to them personally.

If corrupt prosecutors can misuse law to go after a President of the United States in such an obviously corrupt way, what chance do the rest of us have? 

In A Man for All Seasons, Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, makes the point that if law can be set aside in order to frame a defendant, everyone else loses the protection of law.

If blacks were led by real people such as Cynthia McKinney instead of by white liberal/progressive  anti-American perverts, blacks would understand who their real enemy is.  If patriots could think beyond the flag that they wear on their sleeve, they would understand that the enemy is not blacks,  China, Iran, Russia, but resides in Washington which is determined to substitute its raw power for Constitutional rule.  

Who, what is going to stop the replacement of freedom with tyranny?

The American people are helpless. The utterly corrupt ruling establishment has used Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory to divide the population and to turn the American people against themselves, thus leaving the ruling establishment a free hand.

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