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Each Year This Penguin Swims More Than 8,000 Kilometers To Meet Its Best Friend

In 2011 71-year-old Joao Pereira found a dying penguin on the shore. The penguin was covered with oil and fuel oil. An elderly man took the bird to his house and called it Dean-Dim. It took Joao more than a week to completely clean the penguin’s feathers from oil residues. Every day Joao fed the penguin with fish, while the bird was restoring its strength.

When Din-Dim got completely recovered, the elderly man set it free. Joao got very attached to the bird, it was hard for him to realize that he would never see his new friend again.

Several months passed. Joao Pereira, working part time as a fisherman, was on the beach. Suddenly he saw Dean-Dima. The penguin recognised its savior and went home with the man.

Now 8 months of the year Din-Dim spends with its friend, and the rest of the year, the breeding season, it lives on the banks of Argentina and Chile. In order to see Joao, the penguin swims more than 8,000 kilometers every year.

This behavior of the penguin proves that the bird is very attached to its savior.

Joao Pereira fell in love wit the penguin, he treats it as his own child.

When Dean-Dim sees Joao, it starts wagging its tail and makes joyful sounds. Din-Dim shows its affection only to Joao. Many people tried to touch the penguin, but it always pecked them.

Din-Dim loves to lie on Joao’s lap. Only this man is allowed to hold it and even bathe it. Every year the penguin comes to its friend in June, and swims away in February.

The world has not seen such a touching story before. Din-Dim is so attached to Joao that it considers him as a family, there can be no other explanation for such an unusual friendship.

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