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Does Europe Stand With Biden Against Russia?

“President” Biden, who stole a presidential election and murdered American democracy, accuses the President of Russia of being “a killer.”  Do Europe’s politicians agree? 

Yes, apparently. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just pronounced Russia “Britain’s top security challenge.”  The British PM, shilling for the armaments and nuclear weapons industry with an eye on those future directorships, promises more military spending. The British can’t have better health care or lower taxes, because of the threat of Russia. What a joke!  No amount of British arms spending could deter a real threat from Russia. If Russia wants Britain, Britain is helpless. Britain could spend its entire GDP on armaments, and the country would still be defenseless against Russia.

This ignorant nonsense from the British government has been going on for years. In 2015 British defense minister Michael Fallon alleged that Russia is a “real and present danger” to Europe’s security and declared President Putin to be “as great a threat to Europe as Islamic State.”

In 2018 the British army chief, General Mark Carleton-Smith declared Russia to be a “far greater threat” than Islamic terrorism, which raised the question why the British were fighting Islamic terrorism rather than the “far greater threat.”

The same year British defense minister Gavin Williamson told Russia “to shut up and go away.” That is like me ordering Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee to shut up and go away.  

The Kremlin is yet to learn not to dignify these reckless, erroneous  and irresponsible provocations with a response.The Russians cannot learn, because they mistakenly think that facts matter in the West.  I assure the Kremlin that all that matters to the West is hegemony and the propaganda that serves it. As eloquent as Zakharova, Peskov, Lavrov, and Putin can be, they should indeed shut up and ignore the accusations.  

Responding to the accusations allows the media to repeat them, and the more the accusations are repeated the more the public hears them.  The more the public hears them, the more the accusations become reality.  The Kremlin’s responses to accusations and insults help the West create in their populations a suspicious and hostile attitude against Russia.  We saw this in Russiagate.  What was the worst thing the Democrats could think up about Trump?  That he was in league with Russia.

The Kremlin does not understand that denying Washington’s absurd accusations and jokingly responding to insults puts Russia on the permanent defensive and works for Washington, just as it has worked for Israel.  Accused as terrorists, Palestinians have been kept on the defensive for decades as Israel stole their country from them.  Washington is stealing Putin’s and Russia’s reputation, and the Kremlin’s protests aid and abet it. 

Why, for example, does Russia honor a bogus law suit by participating in it?  International courts cannot do anything to Russia.  All the Kremlin’s policy does is to create propaganda forums for Russia’s enemies. 

The West takes advantage of Russia’s determination to be democratic and to respect the rule of law. If Europe had leaders instead of American puppets, they would reprimand Washington for its recklessness in raising tensions.  Europe needs Russian energy and good relations with the military power on its East.  To be drawn into confrontation with Russia is the last thing Europe needs or wants.  Yet, Europe does not speak in its own interest, or in the interest of peace. Europe accommodates Washington regardless of the cost to Europe.

Even Merkel is silent.  Germany certainly is aware of the consequences of military engagement with Russia.  Yet the German government seems content for a senile old fool in Washington to draw them into another confrontation, only this time without Hitler’s  Wehrmacht.

It is extraordinary that people do not realize that you cannot keep making recklessly provocative accusations against a country, telling the country that you regard it as the greatest threat to your security and calling its President “Hitler” and “a killer” without eventually causing war.  I wonder if ever in history there have been provocations as extreme as those Washington and the British consistently throw at Russia.

There is no doubt that at the present and for the next decade Russia has the most devastating and effective nuclear and conventional weapons systems, and the best army. As Washington grows accustomed to abusing such a country, Washington can get carried away and go too far.  

As if Russia (and Iran) is not enough, now the absurd Biden regime is in it with China. This is Biden’s inheritance from Trump, and before it is over Biden might be very sorry he stole the election from Trump.  Trump was elected for two reasons.  He said he would restore normal relations with Russia, which brought him Russiagate, and bring home the offshored US manufacturing jobs, which caused him a tarrif disute with China.  Trump was frustrated in his agenda by his establishment-based government, which quickly turned the manufacturing offshoring issue into a tarrif issue.  This served the establishment by making China the villain instead of the US corporations that offshored the production of their goods and services that they sold to Americans, thus depriving the US work force of the jobs that supplied their wants and depriving American cities and states of a manufacturing tax base, while driving up the US trade deficit.

The morons in Washington are not in the same league as the Chinese. In the meetings underway in Alaska, Yang Jiechi, a ruling member of the Chinese government, let the Biden government have both barrels, showing his  contempt for Washington’s image of its power: 

“I don’t think the overwhelming majority of countries in the world would recognize the universal values advocated by the United States or that the viewpoint of the United States could represent international public opinion.”

Yang Jiechi next told the astonished Americans, who mistakenly think that they are a superpower,  that “the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.” 

Yang finished by making it crystal clear “there is no way to strangle China.”  In other words, don’t try your bullshit on us.  Take it to your European puppets and your Canadian puppets, to the Arabs you have purchased and turned into non-entities, to the South Americans that you bully, and to the Atlanticist Integrationists in Russia, but don’t try it on us.  Your American rules serve you and your empire. They do not serve China, and we will have nothing to do with them.

This is the way the Kremlin should speak. It would make the world a safer place.

It would be simple for China to bring the US down.  So much of America’s manufacturing capacity is in China.  It can be seized at China’s will.  The rare earths that Washington needs for its armaments are mainly in China.  China doesn’t have to sell them to Washington.  China has one trillion dollars of US Treasuries.  It could dump them alltogether in the bomd market, causing the Federal Reserve to quickly print one trillion dollars with which to purchase the bonds so that their value does not drop to zereo.  Next the Chinese government could drop the one trillion dollars in the foreign exchange market demanding in exchange its own currency or Russian Rubles or Iranian currency. As the Federal reserve cannot print foreign currencies with which to purchase the dollar,  China’s dump ot the dollar would turn the “world currency” into toilet paper. 

The United States desperately needs to learn that it is just one country.  It is no longer the most powerful, because it allowed capitalist greed to destroy its economy by moving its manufacturing capacity offshore, by bringing in foreigners on work visas to replace American engineers and designers in order to exploit foreign labor and reduce cost, by financializing its economy in order to draw income away from consumer expenditures on new goods and services and into debt service that enriches creditors at the expense of the growth of the US economy.

Simultaneously, the white ethnic American population is demonized, declared to be “systemic racists” and “Trump deplorables.”  In the United States the most patriotic elements of the American population are regarded by FBI director Wray, a Trump appointee, as “domestic extremists,” “enemies of democracy,” and “the greatest threat to America.”  Trump’s FBI director is searching for those who attended “Trump’s insurrection,” rounding them up, and building prosecutions against them.  With the largest part of the American patriotic population demonized by their own government, who is going to stand up for Washington against China, Russia, and Iran?  The  emotionally and mentially weak woke idiots who writhe in agony if a person uses a gender pronoun?  The transgendered freaks who are unable to accept their natural gender?  The feminist who hate men? The blacks whose claim “I am offended” can collapse an American University and global corporations but will have zero effect on a Russian soldier?  Try to imagine such an army confronting the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian military. Not a person in the world would give odds on American success.

A country whose policy makers are this stupid and corrupt cannot survive. The question before us is whether America will simply expire on its own or will it bring Armageddon down on itself.  

If the warmongers in Washington don’t give up their desire for hegemony and make peace instead, all Americans are going to die, and it won’t be from Covid or global warming.

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