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Do Americans Have a Future?

Yes, but not a good one.

To begin with, it is very difficult for Americans to get any accurate information. Democracy cannot survive when the media is a lie factory serving secret agendas and politicians are servants of the special interests that provide their election funds. Not only is Congress’ ability to represent the people compromised by the influence of special interests, but also Congress has given up power to executive branch regulatory agencies and to the judiciary. When the representatives of the people cannot represent them, the people have no protection.
There is neither a rule of law nor a Constitution when a President (George W. Bush) can dispense with habeas corpus and hold American citizens indefinitely without due process of law and a President (Obama) can execute American citizens on suspicion alone without due process of law. Neither president was impeached, and no court or bar association made an issue of the illegal and unconstitutional exercise of power by two American presidents as if they were unaccountable dictators.

I warned at the time that worse was to come, and it has. Today even mayors think they are dictators, as do university and hospital administrators, and employers who spew Covid vaccination mandates in defiance of the Nuremberg Laws. Under the Nuremberg laws, vaccination is a medical procedure and requires informed consent. Moreover, under the US Constitution laws must originate in legislatures, not with pronouncements of mayors and private employers. We know that a country’s leadership has lost respect for the rule of law when employers and executive branch officials issue laws and judges accept this violation of legislative authority. What the Covid mandates demonstrate is that respect for the rule of law no longer exists in the United States outside of Florida and Texas.

The scene is also dismal on the economic front. The offshoring of so many manufacturing and other high value-added jobs have robbed Americans of stable employment, middle class incomes, and cities and states of tax base. The offshoring of jobs was mindless, an act of deindustrialization putting the US on a path to the Third World. When a country manufactures goods and services abroad for sale at home, the goods and services enter as imports and worsen the trade deficit. Now this unforgivable mistake is being amplified by a rush into robotics that will further devastate employment opportunities. Machines do not purchase goods and services and, thereby, decrease aggregate demand in the economy, which means falling, not rising, GDP.

The thoughtless Covid lockdowns have disrupted the supply chains, resulting in rising prices. Morons such as California’s governor have amplified the problem with environmental edicts that prevent half of the US truck fleet from entering California, with the result that the ports are piled up with ships waiting for a place to unload.

Militarily, the US is losing experienced officers and highly trained personnel who are too intelligent and aware to submit to the death jab. Many of those being coerced by an incompetent military command selected for leftwing ideological purposes will suffer injury and death, further decimating those in uniform. Meanwhile the same incompetent generals and Secretary of Defense issue increasingly provocative threats to Russia and China. The moronic Biden regime is actually considering sending US troops to Taiwan and accepting Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. The Chinese and Russians will not accept this. With our broken and demoralized military, Washington’s only option is nuclear.

Not only are the troops demoralized, but also police, firemen, doctors and nurses. The vaccination mandates are causing shortages of medical personnel. Nurses and doctors who have seen the effect of the “vaccine” on patients don’t want the dangerous vaccine and are giving up their jobs rather than take the risk associated with the “vaccine.”

More generally, the entire white population is demoralized. Public school systems and universities are indoctrinating their children against themselves, their parents, the white race, and Western culture and achievements. The kids are told that white people are racists who oppress people of color. Moreover, the kids are taught that there are endless genders and that they can pick what gender they want to be irrespective of how nature has made them. The notion that gender is not biologically determined is now a mainstay of public school education. Among other horrors, this false doctrine has led to males having access to female restrooms where they commit rapes in public schools. Parents who complain at school board meetings are beaten up by police and arrested. The Biden regime attorney general declared complaining parents to be “domestic terrorists.”

It can not be made any clearer that white people, their rights, culture, history, and achievements are under full scale attack by their own government and own school systems. This sense of helplessness, together with declining job opportunities and incomes, rising prices, overrun borders, and inability to correct the situation through elections, makes it clear that white Americans have had their country taken away from them.

How do they get it back? The Democrats use open borders to transport the immigrant-invaders into red states in order to turn them into blue states. This is why Democrats and the Biden attorney general declare the requirement to have an ID to vote to be a violation of civil rights laws. The Democrats intend to use third world immigration to obtain one-party rule.

Faced with revolution from above, American white people could counter with violent revolution if they had leaders and the ability to organize, difficult due to the FBI’s ability to infiltrate and frame as illustrated by the “Trump insurrection” and prosecutions.

Moreover, the process of overthrowing white America has been gradual, like slowly boiling the frog. The image of a white country is simply being erased. You can see it everywhere—in movies, in literature, in promotions, in advertisements. How often do you see a white male or a white family in an advertisement? Have you noticed that white women in advertisements have darker and darker tans? They too are gradually disappearing as they undergo their color transformation.

The assault on whiteness is organized, not accidental, and it has to have the approval of white elites. So how does a people survive when their own elite is against them?

It was a difficult decision to explain the stark situation. But people can rise to challenges instead of being demoralized by them. If people understand their situation, they can attempt to rescue themselves. Otherwise they are lost.

Whites can resist by boycotting the products of all employers who mandate vaccination, by avoiding goods and services produced by US firms offshore, by abandoning public schools, by refusing donations to universities, by never voting Democrat, by abandoning newspapers, TV, and NPR that indoctrinate them against themselves, by using only doctors in private practice, and by patronizing only locally owned businesses. The chain stores, national banking, and online shopping have done much to destroy the financial independence of the population. Republicans are far from perfect, but they are not anti-white.

If white Americans intend to survive, they must stop supporting their enemies.

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