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Covid’s Return Threatens Reopenings

Coronavirus has made such a strong comeback that the governors of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have imposed a 14-day quarantine on travelers who arrive from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah, and Texas. On Wednesday June 24 California, Texas, and Florida set new daily infection records.  Overall on Wednesday the United States had the highest number yet of new infections. The spike in Texas has caused the governor to put on hold the economic reopening as hospitals begin to fill.

New cases are also spiking among young adults who reject social distancing and mask use. In Florida and Texas half or more of the new cases are young adults. In California people under the age of 35 now make up 44% or more of the cases.  

Young people think they can only come down with a mild case, and many of them have been convinced by propaganda that social distancing, masks, and closedowns are unnecessary and even counterproductive.  Their misinformation and selfishness is spreading the disease among move vulnerable people.

Where I shop supermarkets have signs requesting that no one enter without a mask. To reduce aisle congestion the aisles are marked one way.  But the majority of the young enter without a mask and do not obey the one-way aisle signs.  The irresponsibility of the young is one reason that yesterday the US had a record 36,880 new Covid cases. 

The irresponsible behavior of the young is akin to driving under the influence.  Passing on the virus to a vulnerable person who dies is a form of manslaughter.  

The irresponsible young are endangering the success of the reopenings.  Another closedown could be the result.

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