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Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda

My friend, Tim Brown, over at recently interviewed a constitutional scholar who writes under the pen name Publius Huldah (PH). In that interview, PH didn’t mince words in saying that Donald Trump was complicit in turning the United States over to the forces of globalism. 

She said:

We are collapsing at a rapidly increasing rate.   

Trump is carrying out the globalist agenda.  And as he is doing that, he contradicts his actions with words and sleight of hand actions to pacify his base:  e./g., he says he opposes globalism  – but he signed and pushed the CFR’s USMCA “Trade Agreement”.  He says he wants a wall between the United States and Mexico, and even started to build one – but he pushed the USMCA “Trade Agreement” which provides for open borders.   

I’ve concluded that he is either solidly & consciously allied with the globalists [and was elected to get the “conservatives” on board (which he has done)]; or he is way over his head and is blindly following his CFR advisors.   He is extraordinarily ignorant of our Constitution [which he took an Oath to “preserve, protect and defend”]; but my chickens know as much about our Constitution as Trump does.   

The American People are being played by those who plan to destroy them – but they REFUSE to listen to the Truth.  I have warned them that the globalists are setting up an international monetary system controlled by the IMF [this is laid out in USMCA “Trade Agreement”] to replace the collapsing federal reserve system.  And NOW, it seems that the globalists are DELIBERATELY crashing the federal reserve system.  WHY?  Because that is the excuse they will use to move us into the new globalist monetary system under the IMF.  And all those Americans with fiat money in their bank accounts and pensions, etc. [who will lose it all when the fed collapses] will be told that under the new global monetary system, their savings will be protected.  And they will go along with it and urge that the new system be imposed.  

That so many Americans went along with the monstrously unconstitutional lock-downs over the non-threatening virus reveals that Americans are now mindless, cowardly, self-centered idiots. 

There are people who believe every word “Q” says.  The highest value for most contemporary Americans is to feel good – and Q makes them feel good – and allows them to ignore the contradictions between Trump’s words and his actions:   It’s all part of The Plan, you see. 

I have tried to warn Christians and conservatives about Donald Trump ever since his election. The vast majority of them have refused to listen, of course. They truly do not want to hear the truth; they much prefer to believe lies.

One reason for this is because ever since the administrations of Ronald Reagan and GW Bush, Christians and conservatives have traded faith in God and our Constitution for faith in Republican presidents. The vast majority of them have placed their hope for the future in the Republican Party in general and in Republican presidents in particular—especially Donald Trump. 

Therefore, they CANNOT allow themselves to believe the truth about Trump. It would destroy their faith. Let me repeat that: It would destroy their FAITH. It would leave them without hope. No! God and His eternal principles of Liberty and Peace are not enough.

That’s why Donald Trump can betray every constitutional principle on earth; he can lie, cheat, steal and kill with impunity—and he can blaspheme virtually everything that is righteous, holy and good without losing the support of a single evangelical.

Each week, I receive hundreds of letters and emails; and I received one last week that was so astute I have to include it in this column. The writer’s name is Chris, and he is from Springfield, Missouri. Chris writes:

Pastor Baldwin,

Today is a day where I cringe inside. I see evangelicals everywhere praising Donald J. Trump for declaring houses of worship to be essential. What makes me cringe is the fact that religious freedom and liberty should never have been subject to any government overreach to begin with. It was Trump’s suggestion that crowds be limited to 10 or less that led all these idolaters . . . in government to shut churches in the first place. Not once did President Trump apologize for his failure to defend our God-given right to peacefully assemble that the First Amendment of the Constitution reiterates. Instead, he used the opportunity to let governors know that “he” has the power to override them if they do not reopen houses of worship immediately.

The truth is that the President does not have the right to override the governor of a free and independent state nor does a president or any governing authority have the right to overrule the Constitution of the United States. If President Trump really cared about the Constitution, he would have made it clear from the beginning that not he or anyone else has the right to close a house of worship. Instead, he is now declaring himself a king that is reopening houses of worship that he indirectly closed to begin with. He does not have the right to rule over governors, and more importantly, he needs to understand that the Constitution has the right to rule over him!

It is well past time that Christians who are enamored by this con artist figure this out! If they do not get it soon, we will have no liberty at all, and all we will be left with is Fuhrer Trump!

God bless you Pastor! Keep fighting the good fight!


Tragically, the vast majority of America’s Christians and conservatives are incapable of this kind of clear, constitutional thinking. They are totally incapable of thinking outside the two-party matrix. They are incapable of honesty, objectivity and principled reasoning.

After almost 3 ½ years of Trump’s disingenuousness, degradation, duplicity and double-tongued rhetoric, evangelicals are still in love with the man. The worst they can say about him is, “He’s getting bad advice.” It’s never Trump’s fault. This self-proclaimed genius, the greatest president in U.S. history, the smartest and most gifted man to ever occupy the Oval Office cannot make a decision for himself. No matter what he does, it’s always someone else’s fault. Talk about cognitive dissonance! 

These folks cannot admit to themselves that Donald Trump picks the people HE WANTS advising him; he listens to the people HE WANTS to listen to; he does what HE WANTS to do; and HE is accountable for every decision HE makes. Passing-the-buck apologies are so much claptrap. 

In my Memorial Day message last Sunday, I made this observation:

Since becoming an adult, I’ve watched America’s slippery slope steepen throughout the last quarter of the 20th century. Then came the 21st century: 9/11 in 2001 and the coronavirus in 2020. These two events were nuclear bombs against our Constitution, Bill of Rights and God’s Natural Laws of liberty.

Notice that BOTH of these incidents happened when a so-called Christian conservative Republican was in the White House. That’s just a coincidence, right?

No! It’s not a coincidence. Neither 9/11 nor the corona scamdemic could have happened without Bush and Trump being in the White House. Why? Because the power elite KNOW that when a “Christian” Republican is in the Oval Office, evangelical Christians and conservative Republicans (including “patriots,” “constitutionalists,” etc.) become sheepish slaves of the administration. And when it comes to manufacturing seismic political events that help to usher in globalism, warfarism, Zionism and domestic tyranny, they know that the only way grassroots Christians and conservatives (who are the real power of resistance in this country) can be neutered is to put a phony, pretending Republican pawn in the White House.

That’s exactly what they did in 2000, which ushered in 9/11, and that’s exactly when they did in 2016, which ushered in the corona scamdemic. Bush brought America the first “new normal.” Now Trump is bringing America the next “new normal.” Of course, the “new normal” is nothing but old-fashioned subjugation. 

People can scream, “Trump is better than Hillary or Biden or Obama or fill in the blank” all they want. But the real issue is not whether Trump or any Republican is better than Biden or any Democrat. The real issue is, does Trump or any Republican make The People better than a Democrat would? And the answer is a resounding NO! 

When GW was in office, Christians and conservatives fell fast asleep, and we lost MORE liberties under Bush than we did under Bill Clinton. And with Trump in office, Christians and conservatives have not only fallen asleep, they have plunged into a deep state of bewitchment. And we have already lost MORE liberties under Trump’s first term than we did under Barack Obama’s two terms.

Why is that? Not because Bush and Trump were worse than Clinton or Obama, but because The People themselves dropped out of the freedom fight after electing Bush and Trump. The only fight in which they are now engaged is not to protect and defend Liberty and constitutional government but to protect and defend the Republican president. And those two battles are NOT the same.

If Christians and conservatives would fight as hard for liberty and constitutional government when a Republican is in the White House as they do when a Democrat is in the White House, America would not be teetering on the edge of despotism and tyrannical government right now—and the corona scamdemic COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

PH rightly denounces Donald Trump’s blatant betrayal of his oath of office in supporting and signing the USMCA and his continued partnership with the globalist agenda of the CFR. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, however, as I have documented repeatedly in this column over the past three years.

For the most part, the warnings from PH and me (and a handful of courageous others) go unheeded. Christians and conservatives will continue to put their faith and trust in a corrupt president; they will continue fighting to protect and defend Donald Trump instead of fighting to protect and defend Liberty and the Constitution; and they will continue to sleepwalk in the shallow waters of comfort and safety.

As far as political elections are concerned, we should be FAR MORE concerned about who our governors, sheriffs, State legislators, mayors, city councilmen, county commissioners, U.S. congressman and U.S. senators are than who the president is. Despite what many people think nowadays, a president is not a king. And neglecting the government that is closest to The People has greatly contributed to the imperial (and immoral) presidency that most Americans—including Christians and conservatives—seem enamored with today.

But the vast majority of people won’t heed that advice either.

“Chuck, why do you keep writing these columns?” you ask. Maybe I secretly love receiving hate mail and death threats. But I prefer to believe it’s because my father instilled in my soul a love for truth and the courage to defend it that refuses to die. And even though I despise the man who said it (Woodrow Wilson), I absolutely adhere to this one quote: “I’d rather fail in a cause that will ultimately triumph than to triumph in a cause that will ultimately fail.” 

I will stubbornly stand for the triumphant truths of Liberty, republicanism, constitutional government, individual freedom and God’s Natural Law and will resist the failed fallacies of elitism, globalism, socialism, warfarism and despotism no matter who is flying its standard—including Donald J. Trump.

This is due to another principle by which I live, stated so succinctly by John Quincy Adams: “Duty is ours, results are God’s.” Amen.

Oh, there is one more quotation that I have adopted: “Here I stand, I can do no other!” (Martin Luther) 

And did I tell you that the blood (by marriage) of the Colonial patriot preachers Ebenezer Baldwin and Jonas Clark run through my veins? Well, it does. So, bring on your hate mail. I’m on the right side of history and Holy Writ; and I won’t budge for one minute. 

So, if you don’t like this column, you probably won’t like next week’s column either. 

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