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Biden Plans Interstate Checkpoints; During The 1918 “Spanish Flu” Only The Vaccinated Died

Here is the headline of a Natural News reportSen. Rick Scott (R-FL) introduces legislation to BLOCK interstate travel checkpoints the Biden Regime is trying to set up with SS/Marxist vaccine passport requirements. The report states:

Are you ready for state troopers, FEMA’s SS goons, HHS thugs, National Guard boots (NATO mercenaries) and DHS troops to stop your automobile between US states to check you (and any kids you have) for updated vaccine passports proving you’ve had several clot shots, proving your government-issued gene therapy medication is up to date?

“May I see your vaccine papers sir/ma’am? … I see you and your wife have NOT had your Covid booster shots yet and that your 4-year old twins are not vaccinated at all. I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle and put your hands on the hood.” Sen. Rick Scott knows this is what’s next for America under the CCP/CDC/Biden Regime, so he has introduced a 3-page landmark piece of legislation that would roadblock (pun intended) future road blocks all over American roads, preventing the non-vaccinated from traveling from state to state, but that’s not all.

The legislation, titled the Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act lays out how it would prevent all kinds of illegal travel interrogations by the Department of Transportation, Amtrak, Surface Transportation Board, TSA, NTSB, Federal Maritime Commission, and the Department of Commerce. See what’s happening here? The Biden Regime is about to set up Nazi vaccine passport police everywhere, to stop automobiles, commerce trucks, boats, trains, buses, planes, everything.

Anyone who still believes that the Covid narrative is all about our health is either 1) totally brainwashed by the propagandists in the political, medical and media establishments or 2) devoid of critical reasoning and cognitive skills or 3) hiding an ulterior motive, meaning they want to believe the narrative, because they are personally benefiting financially from the narrative or 4) showing the whole world that they lack any personal courage and conviction whatsoever and are happy to bend their mind and will to the image of the state out of abject fear.

In the name of “healthcare,” the Covid Storm Troopers in the medical profession are locking up and isolating our country’s elderly who live in nursing homes and senior care facilities in ways normally reserved for the most incorrigible and violent felons inside our penal institutions.

In the name of “healthcare,” American educators are creating a spirit of fear, hopelessness and dread in the minds and hearts of our nation’s school children that is producing the most depressed and suicidal generation of young people in American history.

In the name of “healthcare,” the Pentagon is creating the biggest internal division within military ranks since the War Between The States. It is demoting and punishing some of the bravest and most highly trained military personnel that we have. It is compromising military readiness and cohesion.

In the name of “healthcare,” politicians are creating a climate of internal hatred and bitterness that is taking our country to the brink of civil war. Sizeable numbers of Democrats and Republicans alike are now ready to secede from the union.

In places like Australia, the Covid narrative is motivating police and military personnel to beat innocent citizens almost senseless—all in the name of “healthcare.” The truth is, Australia today is no better off than was Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany or Mao’s China. Now can you understand what happens when people allow their governments to take away their guns?

And right here in the United States, the Covid “healthcare” narrative is dismantling sheriff’s offices and police departments, as more and more peace officers are refusing to go along with the tyrannical forced vaccinations and are losing their positions or resigning. In the airline industry, thousands of workers, most notably air traffic controllers and pilots, are cashing in sick and vacation time in protest over their companies’ forced vaccination policies. Businesses are losing employees by the tens of thousands. Hundreds of cargo ships are parked off both coasts with tons and tons of essential goods not being unloaded due to the shortage of manpower to unload them. New car dealerships have almost no new cars on their lots, as the shortage of manpower has decimated the supply lines necessary to build new vehicles. The list is endless.

Do you really think that all of this death and disaster is merely unintentional and unforeseen damage from a compassionate desire by Anthony Fauci to provide “healthcare” for the American people? If you do, you are daft!

Fauci, Bill Gates and their fellow Covid architects know exactly what they are doing. They see the devastation, death and destruction. They planned it that way! They expect people to die; they want people to die. They also want people scared senseless, because senseless people are easily enslaved. That is the real objective: complete global tyranny, with the world divided between US, the peasant slaves, and THEM, the elite masters.

The Covid narrative has never been about healthcare; it’s always been about total government control. That’s why I keep warning evangelical Christians that the Covid narrative is a mark of an antichrist system of enslavement.

Which brings me to the truth about the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918.

I’ve heard Fauci, Gates, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi and almost every talking head in the mockingbird media say that Covid-19 is another Spanish Flu. Well, it is; but not in the way you think.

The 1918 “Spanish Flu”: Only The Vaccinated Died


Spain was neutral during WW1 and did NOT censor its press, unlike the combatting countries. As a result, Spain was the first to report the 1918 Flu epidemic and the world “scapegoated” Spain as the source. Thus, the “Spanish Flu” is born.

In preparation for WW1, a massive military vaccination experiment involving numerous prior developed vaccines took place in Fort Riley, Kansas – where the first “Spanish Flu” case was reported.

The fledgling pharmaceutical industry, sponsored by the ‘Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research’, had something they never had before – a large supply of human test subjects. Supplied by the U.S. military’s first draft, the test pool of subjects ballooned to over 6 million men.

Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT “FLU” at all. It was caused by random dosages of an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis vaccine’, which to this day, mimics flu-like symptoms. The massive, multiple assaults with additional vaccines on the unprepared immune systems of soldiers and civilians created a “killing field”. Those that were not vaccinated were not affected. 


WW1 ended sooner than expected, leaving HUGE quantities of unused experimental vaccines.

Fearing that soldiers coming home would spread diseases to their families, The U.S. government pushed the largest vaccine ‘fear’ campaign in history. They used the human population as a research and development lab to field test experimental vaccines.

Tens of millions of civilians died in the same manner as did the soldiers. 

Instead of stopping the vaccines, doctors intensified them, calling it the great “Spanish Flu of 1918”. As a result, ONLY THE VACCINATED DIED.

“Seven men dropped dead in a doctor’s office after being vaccinated. Letters were sent to their families that they had been killed in action.”

WW1 U.S. soldiers were given 14 – 25 untested, experimental vaccines within days of each other, which triggered intensified cases of ALL the diseases at once. The doctors called it a new disease and proceeded to suppress the symptoms with additional drugs or vaccines


British scientist and Professor Neil Ferguson of The Imperial College, London (the same Imperial College of London funded by the Bill Gates Foundation) was responsible for developing the mathematical pandemic computer models for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world followed Ferguson’s advice, yet all his models have been proven to be grossly over stated and misleading


“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.” (Arnold Relman, Former Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine)

Vaccine promoters claim that vaccines wiped out most infectious diseases. History tells us a different story. The beginning of the 20th century introduced improved sanitation (sewers), water treatment plants, and vastly improved nutrition. 

The sample graphs above show that infectious diseases like Measles, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Typhoid Fever and Polio, were all at their lowest levels and dropping, BEFORE the vaccines were introduced.

The 1918 “Spanish Flu” held sinister secrets for 100 years. Based on my previous blog: “COVID 19: Another Chapter in the History of Deception and Secrecy”, will we learn that the world-changing protocols from COVID-19 may also contain hidden secrets?

Here’s one more salient fact: A short list of groups that are exempt from the Covid-19 jabs:

The following groups in the USA are exempt from the COVID-19 vaccine, which is not a vaccine, it is m-RNA gene therapy technology that alters man’s DNA, not found in nature…an experiment!


All of US Congress plus all Congressional staff, House and the Senate.

6,000 White House employees.

2,500 Pfizer, 1,500 Moderna, and 120,000 Johnson and Johnson employees.

15,000 CDC and 14,000 FDA employees.

8 million Chinese students in this country [USA]. 

2 million illegal aliens are exempted. They don’t have to get the shot.


For the benefit of fellow Christians reading this column, the following paragraph is taken from our Statement of Faith at Liberty Fellowship:

LF is persuaded by Biblical and Natural Law that healthcare is a personal, individual Right. We find mandatory vaccinations to be a blatant violation of our Natural rights and Biblical responsibilities. We resist all attempts by governments and companies to mandate personal healthcare choices. This is especially true regarding the Covid vaccines that contain abortion-derived cell lines. Furthermore, VAERS data (which by virtue of the way the data is collected accounts for only 10%—at best—of actual deaths and injuries) states that there have been over 15,000 deaths and nearly a million injuries to people who have taken the Covid vaccines. Plus, by the laws of Nature given to us by our Creator, government or corporate-mandated healthcare is by definition tyrannical. It is our Biblical duty to submit to God alone in matters of faith and conscience. Our personal healthcare is as private as our spiritual care. We refuse to take the Covid vaccinations on the basis that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and as a matter of faith, conscience and personal healthcare responsibility. 

Tyrannical interstate checkpoints; no fly lists for non-vaccinated passengers; physicians and nurses being dismissed for refusing to take mandated shots; hospitals being staffed with medically untrained National Guard troops; police and fire departments losing manpower for refusing to take mandated shots; a labor shortage that is unprecedented in U.S. history; elderly people dying in inhumane isolation and confinement; school children taking antidepressants in never-before-seen numbers and committing suicide in never-before-seen numbers; a global economy that is crashing; hyperinflation; a nation (America) so divided it is literally coming apart at the seams.

All of this in the name of healthcare.

Baloney! This is not about healthcare and never was. This is war against our liberties, our Constitution, our way of life, our faith, our homes and families, our livelihoods and our very humanity.

We either win this war or our posterity will spend the rest of their lives in servitude and oppression—servitude and oppression far worse than that from which our American forebears delivered us.

Will someone please wake up the sleeping pastors before Biden’s interstate checkpoints start going up? Then again, the pastors who sheepishly closed their church doors and mandated that the masks of the beast be worn would probably be just fine with America adopting a travel policy that allows Gestapo-esque police to demand of us, “Show me your (vaccination) papers.”

How can real Christians keep attending these Beast-friendly “churches”? 

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