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Are These The Last Few Days In The Life Of The Second Amendment?

The U.S. Senate has reconvened from its August recess, and first on the agenda is gun control. President Trump has been in ongoing talks with Democrats and anti-gun Republicans about exactly what and how much gun control will be passed this month. 

Virtually everything is on the table: everything from a so-called assault weapons ban to mandatory buybacks of all semi-automatic rifles to universal background checks to “red flag” gun confiscation laws, ad infinitum.

September 2019 could wind up being the month that the 2nd Amendment dies.

And worst of all, most conservatives are sound asleep, believing that Trump would never sign any of these communistic gun control measures into law. These people are totally bewitched by Donald Trump.

But Donald Trump has been threatening to enact major gun control measures for months. At one time or another, he has endorsed everything from “red flag” gun confiscation laws to universal background checks to raising the age of gun possession to 21, etc. He has even said that he is in favor of creating a national “social credit” score, similar to a financial credit score, where major social media sites would monitor people’s speech and issue a grade accordingly. A low grade would precipitate gun confiscation by government police agencies.

Trump’s Department of Justice has already demanded that Apple and Google hand over the names, phone numbers and other personal data on thousands of people who have purchased the Obsidian 4 rifle scope app. The app is simply an electronic method by which hunters and target shooters can calibrate or “zero in” their scopes. Now these people are about to find themselves on a government “watch” list and, perhaps, a gun confiscation list.


While Christians, Republicans and conservatives are living in an extended state of hibernation, thinking they have nothing to fear because Donald Trump is in the White House, Trump is quietly going about the business of turning the United States into a gargantuan surveillance/police state.

People who are paying attention know that Donald Trump is a major supporter of establishing a national police state around the concept of “pre-crime” law enforcement. Does anyone remember the movie Minority Report? Well, it’s here! 

Donald Trump is up to his orange hair in secretive “pre-crime” technologies that are already in the advanced stages of development. Major players in this high-tech Orwellian scheme include the late Jeffrey Epstein, former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel, current Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump’s Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka, the Israeili Mossad and one of its many front companies, Israel-based Carbyne911, along with Israel’s elite military intelligence division Unit 8200. (That’s a short list, of course.) 

Trump’s ultimate plan is to create a new government department to implement advanced technology that can identify “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act” using data collected by consumer electronic devices. The goal of Trump and his high-tech police state pals is total government surveillance and control over the U.S. population.

These high-tech wizards are neck-deep in the manipulation and exploitation of mass shootings, not only in America but around the world. They have determined that mass shootings are requisite in order to put the population in a state of panic, fear and anger, which will move them to accept Orwellian police state measures that promise to “protect” public safety. 

I realize that most conservatives—especially most Christian conservatives—are so in love (and intoxicated) with all things Israel that they are completely close-minded to the wicked machinations of the Israeli government (working in concert with the U.S. government, of course), so most of them will not even bother to investigate the facts. Nor will they listen to anyone who knows the facts. But for those who have a heart for truth, it is absolutely obligatory that they begin educating themselves in the dark world of high-tech Israeli intelligence/surveillance operations, because THAT IS OUR FUTURE.

But before these police state strategies can be fully operational, the American people must be disarmed—at least of those arms that give them the capability of withstanding open government tyranny. I’m talking about AR-15-style rifles. 

I adamantly maintain that from a freedom perspective, to take away our AR-15-style rifles is, in effect, to take away our means of self-defense. I further maintain that from a faith perspective, one cannot be a true follower of the Bible without keeping and bearing arms—especially the AR-15-style rifle. My constitutional attorney son and I wrote a book defending what I just said from both Natural and Revealed Law (the Holy Scriptures). And I have delivered two important messages here and here in support of this contention. But I digress.

Granted, these police state strategies cannot be accomplished overnight, but Israeli “pre-crime” technology has now progressed to the point that it’s ready to be introduced to U.S. law enforcement. (If you don’t believe that U.S. law enforcement agencies are being trained and greatly influenced by Israel, read this report from Israel.) Therefore, the pressure is on the power elite to enact gun confiscation of some sort soon. That puts it squarely in the lap of Donald Trump.

Mark it down: Donald Trump WILL put his stamp of approval on some form of gun control. The only question is, how MUCH gun control and how BAD will it be? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already promised that ANY gun control measure that Trump approves WILL be voted on by the Senate.

Whatever obvious form of gun control Trump finally embraces will depend on whether the global elites for whom Trump works intend that he be president in 2021 or not. It is very possible that Trump was never intended to serve two terms in office. He may have been placed in the Oval Office (presidents are selected, not elected) for the express purpose of enacting major gun control—even gun confiscation—because the power elite knew that the American people would never accept gun control from a Democrat president, but they WILL accept it (at least many of them will) from the Republican, Donald Trump. If that’s the case, the gun control laws forthcoming will be BAD.

If another major mass shooting takes place soon, you will KNOW that the power elite is manipulating Washington, D.C., to enact the worst kind of gun control laws NOW. I dealt with this subject in an August 21 Facebook post. And in that case, Trump will lose a significant number of his base—those conservatives that cherish the 2nd Amendment—and he will lose re-election. But, again, if that happens, it was doubtless PLANNED that he lose the election.

If, on the other hand, the power elite intends that Trump remain in office past 2020, he will embrace less egregious gun control laws (for now) and will focus primarily on establishing this new “pre-crime” government department that will quietly begin implementing the new sophisticated surveillance technologies that are flowing like a raging river out of Tel Aviv and Beersheba, Israel.

Either way, these just might be the last few days in the life of the 2nd Amendment.

And if the 2nd Amendment dies, it will have been killed by President Donald Trump and his bewitched toadies across the country that sat back and did NOTHING to save it.

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